Snapchat for iOS and Android: A Step-By-Step Guide to Enabling Dark Mode

Due to its preference for dim lighting and ease on the eyes, the dark mode has become a hot topic among smartphone nerds. There is nothing better than opening an app in bed to see a screen that is completely white and harshly bright.

Many apps now include optional or required Dark Mode settings to get around this. On the iPhone, it’s easy, but on Android, it’s considerably more difficult (but still technically doable). We have simple instructions for turning on the functionality in both iOS and Android smartphones for Snapchat users who want to utilize the photo-sharing app in dark mode.

Although it hasn’t been made public yet, Android has been testing Dark Mode. Fortunately, Snapchat can still operate in Dark Mode thanks to a workaround.

snapchat dark mode

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Your Android Smartphone Has to Be in Developer Mode.

Step 1: Select Display from The Settings Menu to Get Started.

Step 2: Next, Select Dark Mode to Give All of Your Phone’s Apps a Dark Theme.

Step 3: Next, Return to Settings and Scroll All the Way Down until The About Phone Option Appears.

Step 4: Choose Software Information and Repeatedly Click Build Number. After That, You Must Have Activated Developer Mode.

Step 5: Next, Click the Developer Tools Option Under Settings, Which Has a Force Dark Mode Tab.

Step 6: Put It on “on” Mode to Enable Snapchat’s Dark Mode Functionality.

snapchat dark mode

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How Would You Do It on An iPhone?

For iPhone Users, Snapchat Now Includes a Dark Mode. Additionally, Switching It on And Enjoying a Stress-Free Selfie Session Is Far Simpler for iOs Users than It Is for Android Users.

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Step 1: To Get Started, Touch on Your Bitmoji in The Top-Left Corner to Go to Your Profile Page.

Step 2: Next, You Can Access the Settings Menu by Clicking the Gear Icon.

Step 3: Continue Scrolling Down the Page until You Reach App Appearance.

Step 4: The Three Options Are Match System, Always Dark, and Always Light.

Step 5: Selecting Always Light Permanently Activates Snapchat’s Light Feature, While Selecting Always Dark Permanently Turns on Snapchat’s Dark Mode.

Step 6: By Choosing Match System, the App Will Sync with Your iPhone’s System Preferences.

This suggests that If Your Device Is Set to Use Dark Mode, Snapchat Will Do the Same. on Your iPhone, Snapchat’s Night Theme Would Likewise Be Deactivated if you turned off the feature.

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