A Stylus Makes Using Your Smartphone More Efficient.

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, was infamously opposed to the use of styluses with iPhones. But there are many good arguments against taking his advice. A stylus can help with two issues:

first, your sausage fingers are clumsy, and modern phones’ large screens make one-handed typing challenging. Here are a few more justifications for why you ought to try the stylus once more.

Once you’ve heard our argument, you may either purchase a smartphone with a stylus, such as one from Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, or you can purchase an inexpensive third-party stylus to use with your existing device.

The majority of the latter, like the Friendly Swede Stylus Pen ($9 for a 3-pack from Amazon) and the LIBERRWAY Universal Touch Screen Capacitive Stylus ($6 for a 10-pack from Amazon), is compatible with all touchscreen devices, but just to be safe, make sure to double-check compatibility before you buy.

1. Appreciate Simpler Swipes

All of your screen interactions become easier and more natural when using a tiny sharp pen. Consider digitally signing documents, underlining a section of a longer text, choosing a collection of files, or making handwritten notes.

These actions can be carried out with a finger, but a stylus makes them simpler. This speeds up every action you do, so you should find yourself navigating menus and selection screens rather quickly.

Additionally, Samsung has given the Note 8 some unique stylus features. You can now, among other things, draw your own emojis, swipe over a video to make it into an animated GIF, make notes on the lock screen, and translate text on-screen.

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You can perform all of these tasks with a stylus while still wearing your gloves, which is an advantage for chilly conditions.

smartphone stylus

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2. Become More Accurate

Look at your index finger; it’s not exactly the most precise tool, is it? However, a lot of what we do on a smartphone requires accuracy, whether it’s typing a message on the keyboard or choosing a link on a website.

The tiny tip of the stylus can give you the accuracy you’ve been lacking. A dedicated pointing device will give you an advantage whether you’re selecting text blocks in an email or aligning a row of matching crystals in a game.

With practice, you should be able to type more quickly and with fewer mistakes, especially if you’re using a smaller screen with harder-to-reach things.

3. Use Art to Add Detail.

Drawing using a stylus is much more enjoyable than scribbling with a finger while using art apps. Brush strokes and fine detail can be controlled much more precisely, and you can even discover untapped creative abilities.

Consider using a free app like Adobe Photoshop Sketch (available for iOS and Android), which enables you to sketch with different brush types and add a number of effects.

Autodesk SketchBook (for Android and iOS), another popular option, offers a few extra sketching tools including a ruler and a form folder. While the whole SketchBook toolkit costs $5, you can still use a lot of the brushes and tools without paying a dime.

Beyond drawing, a pen allows for more accurate pixel selection while editing any photographs or movies on your phone. This makes it much simpler to choose the ideal hue and accurately remove a background.

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4. Maintain a Clear Screen.

Clean devices quickly turn into fingerprint- and smudge-covered disasters. What you’re attempting to see on the screen may be obscured by that grime: When you have to look at the action through the coating of grit left by your hands, watching movies on your large smartphone isn’t nearly as enjoyable. If you stick to your stylus, you can avoid this expression.

This goes beyond appearances. Nearly all smartphones contain a variety of germs, however, using a pen instead of your dirty hands will keep you from frequently polluting it with germs.

In addition to smudges, when using your apps, your fingers not only muddy the screen but also make it difficult to see what you’re looking at. For instance, tapping around the screen while pulling up subtitles on Netflix can cause you to miss a lot of the action. A stylus covers much less ground.

5. Spin the Big Screen Around.

While a stylus can help you operate a smaller screen with greater accuracy, it can also be useful for larger screens, especially if you have small hands.

Your fingers have to do all kinds of gymnastics to reach from one side of the display to the other as smartphones continue to get bigger and front-facing bezels to disappear altogether. However, a stylus can go farther, making it possible to effectively type and swipe even with small hands.

Of course, you’ll still need to use two hands to handle a huge handset. But a stylus makes things considerably simpler when it comes to activities like scrolling down webpages or pressing icons at opposing ends of the display.

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