Rupert Murdoch Divorce: Divorce Agreement with Jerry Hall!

A well-known media executive, Rupert Murdoch serves as executive chairman of News Corp, the parent company of The Wall Street Journal, HarperCollins, and the New York Post, as well as co-chairman of the Fox Corporation.

Key Lessons

Fox Corporation’s co-chairman and News Corporation’s executive chairman is Rupert Murdoch.

At the age of 22, after his father’s passing, he received the chain of newspapers.

Murdoch is credited with inventing the contemporary tabloid, a newspaper that specialised in articles about scandal, crime, and controversy.

The Walt Disney Company purchased the majority of the entertainment assets that belonged to 21st Century Fox from Rupert Murdoch in 2019 for $71.3 billion.

Rupert Murdoch’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $18.1 billion.

rupert murdoch divorce

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According to two persons with knowledge of the split, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and model and actress Jerry Hall are divorcing. Only those who wished to communicate in confidence about a private topic did so.

A representative for Mr. Murdoch, Bryce Tom, declined to comment. It was impossible to get in touch with Ms. Hall’s representatives right away for comment.

The ownership structure of the companies Mr. Murdoch owns holdings in, such as the parent companies of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, is unlikely to change as a result of his fourth divorce.

Shares of the businesses Mr. Murdoch built owned by the Murdoch family are held in a closely governed trust. Lachlan, Elisabeth, James, and Prudence, Mr. Murdoch’s four eldest children, share voting rights in that trust with him, and he has set things up so that he will never lose a vote.

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However, the break may have an impact on the entirety of his corporate empire, which continues to wield significant influence both domestically and internationally thanks to its right-leaning news brands like the Fox News Channel in the United States, The Sun in Britain, and Sky News in Australia.

Early on in their marriage, aides and family friends reported that he was gladly spending more time with his wife, freeing up time for his children—most importantly, his eventual successor, Lachlan—to make their voices heard at the top of the corporate ladder.

The news of Mr. Murdoch’s separation from Ms. Hall stunned some of his close friends.

In March 2016, Mr. Murdoch and Ms. Hall were married in a historic mansion in the heart of London. As a way of celebrating, Mr. Murdoch said on Twitter that he would no longer be posting. He referred to himself as “the luckiest and happiest guy in the world.”

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The couple, who got together in October and married in December (Ms. Hall is 65 and Mr. Murdoch is 91) became a regular feature of competing tabloids as paparazzi frequently captured the two grinnings widely on a beautiful beach, in a chilly football stadium, or at a black-tie event.

According to a guest, Ms. Hall attended Mr. Murdoch’s 90th birthday celebration at the posh Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park last year. During the celebrations, which were attended by notable figures from the business, sports, and political worlds, Ms. Hall reportedly showered Mr. Murdoch with attention.

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From 1999 through 2014, Mr. Murdoch was wed to businesswoman and investor Wendi Deng. After more than three decades, he finally got rid of his second wife, Anna, a former newspaper reporter, in 1999. Australian model Patricia Booker was Mr. Murdoch’s first wife, whom he divorced in 1965.

Prior to 1999, Ms. Hall was wed to musician Mick Jagger; however, their union was later dissolved.

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