Erika Girardi Apologizes for Her Shocking Outburst at Garcelle’s Son, Blaming It on Too Many “sneaky” Margaritas on Rhobh

Erika Girardi is taking responsibility for the decisions she took at Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday celebration that ultimately led to her legal issues.

Earlier at the occasion, the “XXPEN$IVE” singer swore incoherently at Garcelle’s son Jax, who is 14 years old. Prior to that, Erika pursued Oliver, the married father of four children and alum of The Real.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode from last week included Erika, 51, briefly admitting her mistakes with Garcelle’s son, but the two castmates had a more in-depth talk about the situation, and their co-stars are present to see it all.

RHOBH: Erika Blames Outburst at Garcelle's Son on 'Sneaky' Margaritas

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The actress stated that she can “see” why it occurred as Garcelle, 55, sought to have a chat about the matter in front of the group.

“I believe everyone enjoyed themselves during my birthday party. I recognize that you were intoxicated beyond, “Erika Girardi heard her say. But you must never mistreat not only a child but also my child.

In response, Erika acknowledged her mistakes and immediately apologized to her castmate. “I accept full responsibility and concur. And what about that? I was using profanity and behaving badly around the children. And I was mistaken. I sincerely apologize “She spoke.

“Furthermore, it didn’t originate from a terrible place, I want to emphasize. It wasn’t aggressive, “She went on. It was simply incorrect.

Garcelle Beauvais mentioned how Erika’s costar had recently begun consuming alcohol while taking her prescription as she dug deeper into the cause of Erika’s actions. There “has to be a balance of the medications and the concoctions,” according to Garcelle.

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Erika defended her conduct by saying that she was taking a “new drug” and was still getting used to it.

“The problem is that I recently changed my medicine, which makes me fatigued and causes my blood pressure to jump. You are witnessing something new because it is new “She spoke. But I had a few too many secret margaritas at your party.

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RHOBH: Erika Blames Outburst at Garcelle's Son on 'Sneaky' Margaritas

Erika continued by praising Garcelle for being a sole parent, saying, “Before I attacked your kids, I actually paid them a big respect.”

In addition, she noted that the twins, who were younger boys, “were very well-spoken and were not acting like teenagers who wanted to be on their phone and not talk to other visitors.” “In fact, they were conversing [with others]. And I said, “That’s a wonderful testament to Garcelle for getting them all together and saying, “Look, you can’t be over here and moping on the sofa.”

Although the conversation between the two seemed to come to a happy conclusion, Garcelle spoke with Kyle Richards and the newcomer Sheree Zampino about Erika’s recent actions. Earlier in the show, when the author claimed Erika needed to establish “balance” with drinking while taking her medication, Garcelle and Kyle, 53, quarreled over this issue.

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