DivorceThomas Rhett and His Wife: Did They Separate?

Thomas Rhett and His Wife: Did They Separate?

Although Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins have been married successfully since 2012, he is the first to acknowledge that things haven’t always been simple. The couple, who first connected in elementary school, has vowed to stick with each other no matter what. … Rhett told BMLG, “We stated, ‘Divorce is not an option.'”

Are Link and Rhett Still Friends?

The show receives more than a million views per day and has had guests including Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Black. Link says, “Working with your best friend from the first grade is quite humbling. Even if we remain friends, anything might happen.

rhett mclaughlin divorce

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Are Rhett and Link Religious in The Same Way?

Now residing in Los Angeles, California, Rhett and Link co-own the Burbank-based production business Mythical Entertainment. … Rhett stated that although they were both Christians, their content was not religious in response to a question from a fan in 2010.

How much are Rhett and Link worth, too? Both Rhett and Link are multi-millionaires and earn a lot of money. Rhett and Link’s net worth as of 2021 is $30 Million, thanks to their numerous sponsors and video ad revenue. They are some of the most well-known and lucrative YouTubers in the world.

Are Link and Rhett Mormons?

Christy, his wife, and Link have a daughter and two kids. Rhett stated that although they were both Christians, their content was not religious in response to a question from a fan in 2010. In different episodes of their podcast Ear Biscuits in 2020, both guys discussed how their religious views had evolved.

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rhett mclaughlin divorce

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Mclaughlin, a civil engineer who became interested in amusing videos, started his profession on June 5, 2006, together with his colleague Charles Lincoln Neal, also known as Link. As a result, “Rhett and link” became the name of the YouTube channel.

Over time, the channel gained a lot of popularity. Every weekend at 6:00 am EST, the “nice legendary morning talk program” started airing. Over the past ten years, Rhett and Link have launched numerous channels that have drawn large audiences.

From 2017 to 2018, the number of subscribers to these channels more than doubled. “Wolfpack” was the first video ever uploaded in 2006. He posted the 11-hour-long music video for the Lionel Riche song “all night long” in 2012.

In 2007, Rhett and Link’s “Cornhole Song” debuted their first sponsored video. The videos of many corporations, including Cadillac, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s, were sponsored. Together, Rhett and Link stumbled onto a 2011 Charles Testa-owned Ojai Valley taxidermy advertisement.

Both of them have released two live musical comedy albums to date, and they later collaborated with DFTBA Records to create their most recent album, “up to this point.” Rhett became aware of podcasting in 2013 and moved toward it, launching an audio podcast on both iTunes and Soundcloud.

McLaughlin is active on a number of social media platforms. He has about 1 million Instagram followers, 4.4 million subscribers to his well-known Youtube channel, and an additional 597k Twitter followers. Rhett uses the most recent photographs from his social network to advertise his disciple.


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