Receiptify: How To Get Receipt of Spotify Music for July – and Does It Work with Apple Music?

Receiptify has become more popular and gives users a unique method to showcase their taste in music by scanning their preferred tracks and formatting them as a receipt-style snapshot.

Popular on social media, the program can assist you in taking a screenshot of your musical preferences at a certain time.

Users share their most streamed music with their followers on Instagram stories every month, making it a staple of the platform.

Get your own song receipt in this way.

Receiptify: What Is It?

Heroku app hosts the app Receiptify.

Similar to other top track-generating apps, it searches through your Spotify playlists and top tracks to generate a shop-style receipt listing your most-played songs in order of frequency.

The screenshots are simple to publish on social media and show your followers what kinds of music you like.


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How Is Receiptify Used?

Visit to easily access the app.

When you arrive at the home page, a login screen for your music streaming account will appear. For the app to be able to scan your listening history, you must log in.

The software will create a stylized list of your top 10 most-played songs once you log in and let it handle the rest.

Additional information on the receipt includes your name and the date you made it, as well as more individualized information like the total number of times your top 10 songs have been listened to.

When Using Apple Music, Can I Utilize Receiptify?

Yes, the app will still function if all you have is an Apple Music account. If you want to log in properly, you must click the Apple Music link on the home page.

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Last.FM customers can obtain their receipt by clicking the last.FM link and using the service as well.

How Far Back in Time Can I Look on Receiptify?

You may select in the app whether your receipt displays your top tracks from the last month, the last six months, or all time.

The top tracks on your account during these times are displayed on a different receipt when you click through to each selection.

You can use this tool to assess how your listening preferences have changed over various time periods.


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What Is the Best Way to Post My Receipt on Social Media?

Once your receipt has been generated, a button with the words “download image” will appear underneath it.

You can screenshot the receipt on the screen if you don’t want to save the image to your phone by tapping here.

From there, you can post your receipt using the same process you would to share a regular picture on social networking platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Receiptify Was Made by Who?

Receiptify was developed by student Michelle Liu as a part of a school assignment.

According to Liu, the idea for the app came from the Instagram account Album Receipts, which converts album track listings into the standard receipt format.

the best way to make your own Spotify receipt

Enter your Last.FM, Spotify, or Apple Music credentials on this page to establish your own. The tool will then ask for your consent to use your data.

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Next, you can decide whether to build a receipt based on your musical preferences during the previous month, the previous six months, or the past six years. You’ll receive a receipt-style graphic showing your top 10 tracks for each option you select.

The song’s length is indicated by the “amount” you purchased, and the title and artist are provided under the description. Your name will be printed at the top of the imitation receipt as an additional personal touch.

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