Ratched season 2 Netflix Release Date confirm ?

Ratched debuted on Netflix in the September of 2020 and in a short time, cemented its place globally as a colossal hit as it became the most-viewed debut season of 2020, with 48 million households tuning in during its first 28 days. It is now going to be nearly two years that the show hasn’t come up with a second season. The show is based on the 1962 thriller One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kasey. Ratched season 2 is not coming to Netflix in June 2022, unfortunately.


When it comes to the second installment of the show will touch upon topics like Ratched and Briggs’s new life. Will it be the case for long? Is Ratched safe? What caused her to become so cruel, diabolical, and heartless in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. ” It will provide us every ounce of detail about everything that turned Nurse Ratched into the wicked woman she eventually became.

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Plot & Storyline

Nurse Briggs & Ratched (both healed from Cancer) commence their new life after fleeing to Mexico, while nurse bucket has to take over Lucia State. But nurse Ratched’s brother is out on the loose, seeking to destroy her sister.m along with his girlfriend Charlotte, who lives with a dissociative identity disorder. Things don’t look suitable for Ratched and will mess up her life & conscience forever.

Recap of Season 1

The backdrop is 1947, it deals with Mildred Ratched making her place in a psychiatric facility as a consummate & devoted nurse, only for us to slowly find out the darkness she has held within, and her adoptive brother Edmund being a serial killer, living with guilt that kills him day by day of not being able to protect her mother from being raped ruining his entire childhood. It made the audiences realize that villains, murderers, and threats to human life & law are not just born that way. The circumstances around them manufacture a cold, brutal & gruesome disposition that transforms them into what they end up like. While Nurse Ratched found love, affection & softness with Nurse Briggs, Edmund stuck to his old ways.

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No new additions to the cast have been announced or even speculated about yet; some actors that will return are Sophie Okonedo, Brandon Flynn, Judy Davis, Amanda Plummer, and Vincent D’Onofrio The people that we won’t see in the show again are

Jon Jon Briones, Charlie Carver, Sharon Stone, Alice Englert, Corey Stoll, and Jermaine Williams… Sarah Paulson will reprise her lead role. We’ll most probably see Cynthia Nixon also return Finn Wittrock.

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Release Date

Sadly, there is no Netflix information about when Ratched season 2 be coming out. The series is being discussed in the absence of an official release date which is disheartening as approximately two years have passed since the series debuted.


After the success of the show, the schedules and careers of the lead actors have seen an upswing, the show is still in its making process, and it is kept under wraps how much progress has been made when it comes to the preparation for season 2. Hence there is no trailer available as of yet.

Total Episodes

There may be no release date But, from the few things we know, one of them is that the show’s second season will have 10 episodes, as are currently listed on IMDb.

What to Expect?

The second season will follow the circumstances, obstacles, people & incidents that construct & compel Nurse Mildred Ratched as a brutish, spiteful, ruthless & vicious woman in the film “One Flew over Cuckoo’s Nest.” So, our advice is to expect wildness, tragedy, grit & insanity.

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Where to watch?

The show became what it did on Netflix, with its first season being nominated for four prime-time Emmys, so the second season will also release on Netflix.

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