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Rapper E-40 Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Awards & More

Rapper E-40 Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Awards & More

E-40 Net Worth: Rapper E-40, often known by his stage name Earl Stevens, is from the United States. He founded Sick With It Records and was a founding member of the rap group The Click. He has so far put out twenty-seven studio albums, contributed to many movie soundtracks, and made a tonne of guest appearances on rap albums. His total net worth is $10,000,000.

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Rapper E-40 Salary Per Day | Per Month | Per Year & Earnings Overview

Biography of Rapper E-40

E-40, also known as Earl Tywone Stevens Sr., is a well-known and prosperous personality in America. E-40 was born on November 15, 1967, in Vallejo, California, in the United States. E-40 was born to a single, divorced mother in Vallejo, where he was raised. In order to raise E-40 and his siblings, his mother has made a lot of sacrifices.
In order to feed her kids, she used to work three jobs a day. E-40 first developed a passion for music when he was just four years old. He used to like the music of the Sugarhill Gang, which led him to develop a liking for it. He soon began playing the drums and snare during his school years. When he started college, he was already using a variety of strategies to sell and promote his

Rapper E-40 : Career and Awards

Rapper E-40 made his public debut in 1986. His early career, however, was spent as an underground rapper. He once performed and recorded music with the band B-Legit. They released their debut EP and changed the group’s name to the Click in 1990. In addition to his solo debut in 1993, he also released many albums with the group. However, he didn’t achieve much popularity in the beginning, not until 1995.
His album In a Major Way, released in 1995, helped him become very popular with a wider audience. He later contributed to more than 28 albums and singles. He has a business profession in addition to his singing career. Additionally, he owns Sick With It Records, a music studio. He is incredibly talented and well-known, but he hasn’t received any honours or accolades.

Rapper E-40 Education

James J. Hogan High School is where E-40 finished his high school education. Later, he transferred to Grambling State University, where he finished his graduation. From a very young age, E-40 was deeply immersed in rapping and music. By the time he entered college, he was an established vocalist.


I will sum up by saying that Earl Tywone Stevens Sr. is an incredible rapper and businessman who has accomplished a lot in his career. Since his debut as a singer in 1986, he has been known by the stage name E-40. E-40 has so far had a lot of albums and singles released, and he has had very good success.

Because of his efforts, he has a strong reputation as a rapper in America. E-40 also has a really lovely family, with whom he is currently enjoying an extremely happy life. Additionally, he has a sizable fan base that consistently supports him.


What is the net worth of E-40?

E-40 has a $10 million total net worth.

How old is E-40?

E-40 turned 55 years old on November 15, 1967.

How much does E-40 make annually?

E-40 makes an annual income of at least $1 million.

What is the height of E-40?

E-40 has a height of 1.85 m.

What is the name of E-40 Wife?

E-40 and Tracy Stevens were married in 1991.

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