CelebrityQueen Elizabeth Ii Dies at The Age of 96: After a Series...

Queen Elizabeth Ii Dies at The Age of 96: After a Series of Health Problems!

After a remarkable 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away on September 8. Age-wise, she was 96.

“This is the most tragic day in our nation. Every one of us feels a deep, personal feeling of grief at the passing of our Queen, perhaps more intensely than we anticipated, according to a statement from former prime minister Boris Johnson.

She passed away at her Scottish vacation home, Balmoral Castle, according to the palace, with family members by her side after her health “took a turn for the worse,” according to the Associated Press.

Unknown as of yet is the reason for death.

queen elizabeth ii illness

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Queen’s Health Had a History of Problems.

According to Time, Queen Elizabeth II underwent knee surgery in the 2000s and suffered from back problems over the years.

The news source claims that the queen spent the night in the hospital in October of last year for what Buckingham Palace referred to as “preliminary inquiries.”

According to Town and Country, the queen had been using her late husband’s cane since October 2021 due to mobility concerns.

After spraining her back and spending the night in the hospital for tests, the monarch missed a service in London last November to remember Britain’s fallen veterans, according to Forbes.

Considerably Weaker and Thinner

She was spotted using a cane when addressing visitors at Windsor Castle on February 17 at a formal engagement, according to News.com.au.

queen elizabeth ii illness

There are a few clear exacerbating aspects in this situation, said BBC reporter Daniella Ralph to the BBC’s Today show, according to the news agency. First of all, she is 96 years old, which automatically qualifies her as vulnerable.

The queen is now noticeably smaller and weaker than she was a year ago, and she will now need to be closely observed, the speaker added.

Recent Concerns About Her Health

“Concerns swirled about the queen’s health” after her appearance on Tuesday, when she named Liz Truss the new British prime minister, according to Today.

This defies tradition because she was unable to attend the ceremony in London, and pictures from the occasion indicate she used her cane inside while clearly having a purple hand.

According to Today, NBC News medical correspondents Dr. Natalie Azar and Dr. John Torres hypothesized that this discoloration may be a result of the elderly woman either having her blood drawn or having an IV placed in her hand, both of which can cause bruising.

Queen This Year Tested Positive for Covid.

Despite receiving her first dose of the vaccination in January 2021 and “believed” to have received all of her subsequent injections after that, Queen Elizabeth tested positive for COVID-19 in February, according to the BBC.

queen elizabeth ii illness

The queen “is having mild cold-like symptoms but plans to continue light duties at Windsor during the coming week,” the palace said in a statement shortly after, according to a February article by Yahoo News.

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Booster Doses Are Crucial for The Elderly.

Dr. Robert Lahita, head of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Disease at Saint Joseph’s Healthcare System and author of “Immunity Strong,” said, “But you know what we tell everyone is that if you’re over 80 or 75, you should get boosted.”

The Prince of Wales, who would soon become king, shared a room with his mother at Windsor Castle at the time and later tested positive for COVID-19, according to the BBC.

I don’t know if she had the Omicron or Delta form of COVID, and the Delta is still circulating, but based on what we know about COVID’s activities with relation to the heart and the vasculature, that indicates clotting. That might have been the reason for her demise, Lahita claimed.

The Conclusion

After reigning the United Kingdom for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away peacefully at the age of 96 at her vacation home in Scotland.

The queen was immunized, although she had COVID-19 earlier this year, had ongoing health problems, and needed a cane to walk.

Although the cause of death has not yet been made public, specialists believe that her prior coronavirus infection may have had a role in her demise.


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