Net WorthPSY Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Personal life & More

PSY Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Personal life & More

In 2023, the South Korean artist PSY will have a net worth of over $70 million. He is a rapper from Korea. He is one of the rappers who likes to perform in front of the camera rather than in front of the microphone. He is adaptable but not at all prolific. Rather than his voice, they recognize him by his appearance. With one of his early attempts at rap music, he was able to make a splash. You’ve all undoubtedly heard Gangnam Style, one of his songs.
He is one of the most stolen artists in North Korea. Although he had millions of followers there, he was unable to play there due to a lack of permission. Because of this, his music is regularly stolen in North Korea. He sees both North and South Korea as one country. He claims that Korea is the name of one nation. His father was an extremely successful businessman who experienced a small taste of Gangnam Style’s success when the song’s popularity caused his stock to soar.

PSY Net Worth 2023

Midway through the 2010s, Gangnam Style became a phenomenon. Psy is who he is. “PSY,” a well-known South Korean singer, is worth $70 million. The most well-known South Korean musician, PSY, reportedly has a net worth of about $70 million, according to a number of web sources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB).
like we have already talked about. Psy’s total net worth is $70 million. The majority of the money came from his music business; Gangnam Style was so well-known that only one song made him about $40 million. So, Gangnam Style accounts for two-thirds of his total net worth. He has achieved amazing success on a global scale in that period. With that achievement, he has received numerous brand endorsement contracts and other venture capital.

Name PSY
Net Worth (2023) $70 Million
Profession South Korean singer
Monthly Income And Salary $0.5 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $6 Million +
Last Updated 2023
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PSY Biography

On December 31st, 1977, Psy was born. He was born in the seller’s Gangnam neighborhood. He titled that song Gangnam Style for that reason. Gangnam Style was nothing more than the name given to the unique dance that the children in his community used to perform during Carnival. He studied in America even though he is a Korean singer and songwriter. He graduated from the University of Boston with a degree in business administration. His parents hoped he would launch a company, but he ended up being a rap icon as opposed to a well-known businessman.

With the release of his first single, The Bird, in 2001, he began his musical career. Actually, the abbreviated form of his name is crazy. He was greatly influenced by Queen’s Freddie Mercury while he was growing up. The one superstar that he wanted to meet as he grew up was Tom Cruise, and he got the privilege to meet him. Even yet, Tom Cruise was unable to persuade him to join his church. He has achieved success both in South Asia and the United States of America.

Earlier life

In January 2001, he issued his debut record, “PSY… From the Psycho World.” The South Korean government officials penalized him for the inappropriate album material. His second album, released in 2002, likewise generated criticism because of its sexual material. As his third album finally achieved commercial success in 2003, Psy enlisted in the South Korean military, which requires service for all men between the ages of 18 and 35. He was exempt from serving in the military in 2005 due to his exemption from employment with a software development firm. He returned in 2006 with a fourth album that took home awards at the SBS Music Awards. State prosecutors accused Psy of abandoning his job at this point in order to focus on his music career. He was not released from his obligations until July 2009, because the court chose to redraft him. He was no longer able to release his music because of financial issues. In 2010, Psy joined YG Entertainment and dropped his fifth album. “Right Now,” the album’s debut single, was restricted to audiences over the age of 19. Psy had already reached the top of the Korean music charts half a dozen times at this point, but she had not yet gained international recognition.

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Gangnam Style

With the release of his sixth album, “Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1,” everything changed for Psy. It would be an understatement to say that the video for the song “Gangnam Style” became extremely popular online. The song officially debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Music Video Charts on August 21, 2012, surpassing artists like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Since its debut on July 15, 2012, “Gangnam Style” has been viewed more than 3 billion times on YouTube. The video for the song has received the most likes and views in YouTube history and debuted at #1 on the iTunes sales chart. Several people throughout the world have imitated the song, including Psy, who made a surprise visit on Saturday Night Live. Psy has appeared on numerous shows thanks to the popularity of “Gangnam Style,” including The Today Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The “Gangnam Style” video surpassed all other YouTube videos in terms of views on November 24, 2012. Politicians, including President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, have praised the song on a global scale. The YouTube video has received 3.5 billion views so far.

Life After Gangnam Style

Psy spoke at the Oxford Union in England in November 2012 and covered the topic of the song’s inspiration. He compared life after Gangnam Style to being both a dream and a nightmare because he knew his subsequent song would never be as popular as the first. Psy was the second South Korean musician to perform at the MTV Europe Music Awards later that month. Psy joined forces with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, and his Schoolboy Records in 2012, riding the success of Gangnam Style. With varied levels of success, he put out two more albums before starting his own business in 2019 called P Nation. After starting his business, he has signed P Nation, Hyuna, Dawn, and other musicians.

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Personal Life

Psy and Yoo Hye Yeon welcomed twin daughters into the world in October 2006. Psy was charged with marijuana possession in late 2001 and given a fine and a 25-day prison term. He was unable to attend his grandfather’s funeral or bid him farewell as a result.

How much money did Psy make from Gangnam Style?

Psy was able to make a modest fortune from his song in the first year of its release due to the phenomenal success of “Gangnam Style.” Psy’s 7 billion video views have generated ad revenue worth millions of dollars. Psy has made about $4 million from the 4 million iTunes downloads. His streaming earnings, which total about $500,000, are extremely meager. Also, Psy has reportedly made $8 million from endorsement agreements with companies like Samsung. Before taxes, manager fees, etc., the phenomenal popularity of “Gangnam Style” has netted Psy a total of more than $20 million.

Psy family has made Millions as Well

Since the “Gangnam Style” craze, Psy and his family have experienced yet another intriguing development. For some reason, Psy’s single was exploding in popularity as the stock of his father’s publicly traded company was skyrocketing. See our post on How the Gangnam Style Rapper’s Family Just Earned $30 Million for additional details on this phenomenon.

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