GamesProfiling some of the best online slot games available in the UK

Profiling some of the best online slot games available in the UK

Slot games remain a great fixture across all major casino outings thanks in large part to the unpredictability and simplicity that is often on display.

Punters can now select from a wide range of slot game variants that will have many questioning on which variations are the best to play during a betting encounter.

These are some of the best online slot games to play that are available for UK audiences, including certain options that are now present at various renowned digital casino sites:

Swindle All the Way:

One of the main reasons why this particular variant is perhaps the most favourited amongst gambling enthusiasts is due to its likening to the popular ‘Home Alone’ film series. With Christmas fast approaching, it won’t be long until Christmas films are everywhere, resulting in this slot finding even more popularity as it does every year.

The impressive winning odds mean that with just one penny at stake, they could be in with an incredible chance of winning back at return to player (RTP) percentages upwards of 98%.

Given its fond ties to Kevin McAllister’s chivalrous escapade against Harry and Marv in the original ‘Home Alone’ film, there is a interesting premise that will have fans gleaming to take part in placing bets with this slot game.

Without question, this is the premier slot game to play during the holiday season, or whenever you may be sighting some easy winnings to ignite some festive cheer!

Millionaire Genie Slot:

An exclusive title on the always renowned and highly touted online site 888 Casino which will have many clamouring to gain some huge winnings from this intriguing concept.

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When searching for some of the latest online slots that will also provide punters with a greater chance of earning some very impressive winnings, this is one of the best titles to play across any betting site.

This Arabian-themed slot offers a remarkable rustic appeal with its retro graphics and addictive soundtrack which already sets this game as a major fan favourite.

Factor in the RTP odds of 95.02% as well as a Genie slot that offers a free spin bonus round and an extra bonus feature, then it comes as absolutely no wonder as to why punters absolutely adore this title.


2022 has been a significant year for the gambling industry given the vast number of active players that continue to take an interest in searching for the next developing trend that almost every major bookmaker will look to offer.

When it comes to slot games, arguably the most popular title of 2022 has to be Starburst thanks to its vibrant theme and fast-paced gameplay.

Bolstering a joyful colour palette and glistening graphics, this game also features a large quantity of expanding wilds and re-spins that is sure to keep players fully invested in the latest developments.

There is a wide number of other slot games that have become heavily popularised throughout 2022, yet the consensus favourite amongst punters seems to be in the form of this title thanks to its engaging gameplay and boisterous design.

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead:

Another vastly popular title amongst fans and punters alike, is the renowned slot title ‘Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead’ which is playable across various online bookmakers for all punters to enjoy.

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With an excellent RTP rate of 96.6% since the game’s establishment back in 2016, this title remains as a heavily favourited commodity amongst punters with the slot also offering over 1,000 slots, 20 bonus spins for new players, bingo and a refer-a-friend bonus.

This game also features a very appealing theme that seems to follow inspirations from popular pop culture explorer and adventure titles such as Indiana Jones and the Uncharted series which is always a great way to attract fans to the online adventure games.

Given its wide active player base and varied level of bonuses to increase the chances of earning greater winnings, fans should also sight the most reliable payment option just in case they want to embark on this gritty yet amusing adventure.

Rise of Gods Reckoning:

We conclude our ranking with this title that has continuously gained great plaudits from punters thanks to its excellent RTP (96.2%) and varied ways to win. Online Ancient Greek games are often a hit and this is no different.

This game is a perennial favourite amongst online UK punters due to its wider availability to players throughout the familiar province as well as adopting a theme that will have fans itching to play more.

There is a vast selection and viewing of several notable Gods and Goddesses from famous Greek mythology that has often enticed fans to take part in this slot, with great degrees of success soon following.

A fan favourite if there ever was one!




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