Google Pixel 3 Xl Black: Review, Looks, Features and Battery!

Google’s newest Pixel phone is officially available, and Google has made some substantial modifications with its Pixel 3. These days it generates almost as much enthusiasm and coverage as the introduction of another high-profile phone.

To test and review in advance of the general release, I recently received a white Pixel 3 XL with Google’s brand-new Pixel Stand, a wireless Xi charging stand, and one of Google’s stylish new fabric-wrap cases.

Google Pixel 3 Xl First Impressions Review

This phone, the Pixel 3 XL, is stunning. It appears sleek and contemporary with its rounded corners, delicate lines, and vibrant green power button (the Pixel 2’s had orange). The screen is more edge-to-edge than the Pixel 2 and seems brighter, more colorful, and larger than before. Pink and black are also options.

This model follows the increasingly popular “notch” design (iPhone X), and it is now completely made of glass, however, it feels much softer and smoother than glass. Due to its all-glass construction, it is compatible with wireless Qi charging, and Google kindly provided a Pixel Stand with my test package. (I’ll elaborate later.)

What Has the Google Pixel 3 Changed?

The Pixel 3 boasts a few notable improvements; we’ll talk more about the camera’s many advancements. Even though the body is the same size, the screen is more significant. Its resolution has also increased from 920 to 2,280 by 1,080 pixels, and it is now an OLED panel.

The battery has received a slight improvement, and the processor has been enhanced.

Additionally, the phone now supports wireless charging, is almost waterproof thanks to IPX8, and comes with Pixel Buds USB-C headphones.

The always-on display, the quick fingerprint scanner, and Now Playing, which detects music around you and displays the title on the screen, are among the many returning features that I adore.

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What Has the Pixel 3 Camera Changed?

With Pixel 3, the camera appears to be the main attraction. To be honest, my favorite feature of the Pixel 2 has always been the camera, which was already rather good. I never go without the Pixel when I need to take pictures because it, too, takes fantastic pictures, makes excellent selfies, and can produce wicked bokeh shots.

While you can still double-press the power button for quick camera access and double-flick your wrist to switch between the front and rear cameras, the Pixel 3 now appears to have new organizational features.

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Now, the Camera Modes are always visible on the screen (thank you!). The majority of the options are now available for quick access, unlike the Pixel 2, when you had to touch a hamburger menu to access features like Panorama, Portrait, Video, Slo-Mo, Photo Sphere, and Google Lens.

The Google Pixel 3 Now Has New Photo Features.

pixel 3 xl black

There are a few new photo features in the Pixel 3 camera. There are two things: one is called Playground and the other is named Photo Booth.

What Is the Pixel 3’s Photo Booth?

When you grin while using Photobooth Mode, a picture will be taken automatically. Launch Pixel Camera, choose “More” and then “Photobooth” from the Mode switcher’s right side to utilize it. When you click the blue “start” button, Photobooth

identifies positions, smiles, and amusing expressions, as well as lighting, motion, and other factors, to take pictures automatically.

To avoid using your hands, you can ask Google Assistant to “Open Photobooth Mode.”

Additionally, there is an option for group selfies that enables you to fit more people into the frame while removing the Fish Eye distortion that occasionally taints wide-angle images.

Open your camera and “Zoom” out to the wide-angle lens to fit more people in while taking a group selfie. The zoom slider is located at the base of the viewfinder and can be used by pinching out, tapping it, or clicking it. Once Group Selfie is open, you may once more ask Google Assistant to capture the picture.

What Is the Pixel 3’s Playground?

Playground appears to be an updated version of the Pixel 2’s “AR Stickers.” You can enhance your view with Augmented Reality characters and text bubbles by using the camera.

However, the AR interface seems much more robust because, with the Pixel 3, the camera simply positions the characters appropriately in space without requiring you to look for a surface. After that, you can capture your characters in pictures or movies.

The device also includes Motion Your main feature will stay in focus and in the frame thanks to autofocus. While you move the camera about to frame the scene, it will maintain a face or object in focus.

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To apply it, Activate the Pixel camera in either front- or back-facing, camera or video mode, and tap the object you wish to keep in focus. As you move to find the ideal angle or as the topic moves, a white circle will appear around it and lock to the subject.

With its Super Res Zoom feature, the Pixel 3 enhances photographs that have been zoomed in. Professional photographers may be thrilled to learn that you can now store RAW files in addition to JPEG because it promises to shoot better and more detailed images when zoomed in.

Enhancements to The Pixel 3 Xl’s Video

With the new Fused Video Stabilization, video shooters may capture better, less shaky footage.

Only the rear camera can employ Fused Video Stabilization, however, “digital video stabilization” is

the front camera is now functional and will focus on faces. Although stabilization is feasible at resolutions up to 4K, shooting in 1080p will produce the best stabilization outcomes. Now, whether you’re jogging, walking, or otherwise moving around, your videos will appear silky smooth.

pixel 3 xl black

Describe Top Shot.

Additionally, a brand-new function dubbed “Top Shot” takes multiple pictures simultaneously and then recommends the best one using on-device machine learning.

To get the finest pictures, it can tell whether someone’s eyes are closed, for instance, by detecting blur, your stare, and focus. If you have any questions, simply ask. I need to experiment with this more over the coming weeks so I don’t yet have a definitive review of this function.

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Describe Google Lens.

Although Google Lens was already accessible on the Pixel 2, it is rumored to be significantly better now. Although I haven’t yet discovered many practical applications for Lens, I might give it another try.

I’m curious to know if or how you people use Google Lens to generate ideas. It should be able to recognize objects, locate analogous items, copy or translate text, and recognize places, plants, and animals.

Long pressing the camera on the thing you’re seeking to identify will cause the Lens to appear, allowing you to use it. Additionally, you can load it via the camera’s “more” option.

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When I tried it, it successfully recognized my dog and a coffee mug, but it was unable to read a mailing label, interpret a Chinese character, or copy the text I was trying to extract from it. This season, I’ll give it a little more attention.

Pixel Stand’s Battery Life and Charging

Although there haven’t been any significant improvements in the battery life of the Pixel 3, the device is supposed to last a little bit longer thanks to its 3,430mAh battery. I’ve always felt the battery on the Pixel phone was excellent.

The Pixel Stand is a fantastic new addition to the Pixel 3, and I believe you’ll want it. It has a slim easel shape and a smooth, nearly rubberized texture. Although you can place your phone up against the easel to charge, it also transforms the device into a miniature home hub and virtual assistant.

You can ask Google Assistant for assistance or use it as an informational hub and alarm clock at your bedside. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll share more on this feature as well.

What Is Digital Wellbeing, a New Feature?

the Pixel 3’s new Digital Wellbeing feature. In essence, it’s your mother watching over how long you spend on your gadget, but to the second.

The time spent on your phone, the number of times it has been unlocked, and the number of alerts you have received are all displayed by this function. You can also see historical patterns.

Open Settings, choose “Digital Wellbeing,” and then view your app dashboard to use it.

Review in General: Google Pixel 3 Xl

The Pixel is one of the best phones available, as I’ve already stated, and will do so again. Even if my main phone at the moment is another brand, the camera is one of the reasons I always have it with me.

Along with the fantastic battery life, this phone’s smart functionality, gorgeous design, and screen are all major pluses. The Pixel 3 XL is a new Android smartphone that I can unquestionably suggest if you’re shopping for one.

I’ll be testing out more of the individual features over the coming weeks. Additionally, I adore the wireless charging stand and believe it to be a nicer alternative to a lay-flat charger because it makes the phone more useful and noticeable.

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