Pentaverate Cast: Who Play in The Movie?

The comedy limited series The Pentaverate will be brought to life by a cast full of big names. The Pentaverate is a show about a secret society that has been changing the world for the better.

It was made by Mike Myers, who used to be on Saturday Night Live. Myers will also be in the show. Myers, Roger Drew, and Ed Dyson all write for the show. Drew is best known for his work on The Thick of It and Veep, for which he won an Emmy.

Ed Dyson has worked on the movies Deutschland and Urban Myth in the past. So I Married an Axe Murderer, a movie from 1993 with Mike Myers and Nancy Travis, is the basis for The Pentaverate.

Read on if you want to find out about the A-list actors and actresses in this show. Here are the people who will be in The Pentaverate, an upcoming comedy miniseries on Netflix.

Mike Myers

In addition to his role as Scarborough, Mike Myers has played seven other characters, including a New England conspiracy theorist named Anthony Landsowne, a far-right radio host named Rex Smith, the oldest and highest-ranking member of the Pentaverate named Lord Lordington, a former media mogul named Bruce Baldwin, a former Russian oligarch named Mishu Ivanov, a former rock-and-roll manager named Shep Gordon, and a tech genius named Jason Ec.

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Ken Jeong

Within the upcoming miniseries The Pentaverate, Ken Jeong will play the role of Skip Cho. The actor gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Leslie Chow in the critically acclaimed film series The Hangover.

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Since then, he has made cameo appearances in the films Tom & Jerry, Elsewhere, Tom & Jerry 2, Ride Along 2, Crazy Rich Asians, Saving Zoe, and Advantageous. All-Star Weekend and El Tonto are the names of Jeong’s forthcoming film projects.

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Jeong’s most well-known role on television is that of Ben Chang, a Spanish teacher, in the critically acclaimed NBC comedy Community. Jeong has appeared in 92 episodes of the show. Since then, he has appeared in the films Burning Love, Sullivan & Son, and Hot in Cleveland, among other things.

In 2015, he created, starred in, and executive produced the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken, which is only tangentially influenced by his past work as a physician. He also created the show. At the moment, he serves as a host for the show The Masked Singer, alongside Robin Thicke and other people.

Additionally, he made a cameo appearance in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Murderville as a guest star. Jeong commented on working with Mike Myers and being cast in the upcoming series The Pentaverate in an interview with Mashed. “It was a career highlight for me because Mike Myers is not only a friend now, but he is one of my comedy inspirations,” Jeong said.

“It was a career highlight for me because Mike Myers is not only a friend now but he is one of my comedy inspirations.” Mike is one of the primary reasons I perform stand-up comedy, and I think a lot of other comic actors would say the same thing about their careers. Working with one of my heroes and idols was an absolute treat every day.

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It was truly one of the most formative experiences I’ve ever had. When I think of it at this very now, I can’t help but smile. You would start each day by smiling as you went to work, and by the time you left, the grin on your face was even wider.

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I can still remember how many times Keegan and I had to check ourselves because we were going, ” It still doesn’t sink in that the two of us are working on a Mike Myers project together. ” It is a great deal of enjoyment.”

Lydia West as Reilly Clayton

One of Ken’s coworkers at the news station, Reilly Clayton, is played by Lydia West. She helps him on his mission to find out about the Pentaverate, but she is also keeping a secret from him.

West is a British actor who was born in Islington, London, United Kingdom, on June 24, 1993 (star sign: Cancer). He is 28 years old. She is 58 inches tall. West is known for her roles in the TV shows It’s a Sin on Channel 4 and Years and Years on BBC One. She has been nominated for a BAFTA.

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She also plays the lead role in the British thriller series Suspicion, which airs on Apple TV+. In 2020, she will play Lucy Westenra in an episode of the BBC One series Dracula. Dracula is now available to watch on Netflix.

Next, West will be in the BBC miniseries Inside Man with Stanley Tucci and David Tennant. She is also set to co-star with Patricia Clarkson in the AGC Studios spy thriller series Gray. West will also be in the romantic drama It’s All Coming Back to Me, which will come out in February 2023.

Jennifer Saunders

In The Pentaverate, actress Jennifer Saunders will play both the Maester of Dubrovnik and the Saester of Dubrovnik. Saunders is an actress who has won many awards and has been in movies like Absolutely Fabulous, The Stranger, Josh, and Ghosts.

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She played Emily’s mother in two episodes of Friends. Saunders had parts in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Patrick, Isn’t It Romantic, and Death on the Nile, all of which were shown in theatres. She is going to be in the movie Allelujah, which is in the final stages of production right now.

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Jeremy Irons as Narrator

It isn’t clear yet if Jeremy Irons will be in The Pentaverate, but he is narrating the series with his voice.

The award-winning actor was born in Cowes, United Kingdom, on September 19, 1948. His star sign is Virgo. He is 73 years old and 6 feet 2 inches tall. Irons married actress Sinéad Cusack in 1978, and they have two sons. One of their sons, Max Irons, is also an actor.

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Irons is known for his impressive body of work, which includes his Oscar-winning role in Reversal of Fortune and movies like Dead Ringers, The Lion King, Assassin’s Creed, and Batman v. Superman.

He was in the Netflix movies Munich: The Edge of War and House of Gucci, which came out not too long ago. He was also in the movies The Borgias and Margin Call, which you can watch on Netflix. Irons will then show up in Cello and Frankel.

Debi Mazar

In The Pentaverate, Debi Mazar will play the role of Patty Davis. The actress is best known for her roles in Lies & Alibis, A Beautiful Life, The Women, Lovelace, Return to Babylon, She’s Funny That Way, Entourage, The Only Living Boy in New York, and Wonder Wheel. She was a regular on the TV shows Happy!, Younger, and Arde Madrid, among others.

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