Pedro Visits a Divorce Lawyer in “the Family Chantel” Sneak Peek

Pedro is taking steps to dissolve his union with Chantel. In this SPECIAL sneak peek of the brand-new “The Family Chantel,” Pedro visits a divorce attorney.

Pedro established a “separation boundary” with Chantel a few weeks ago. In this UNIQUE sneak peek of The Family Chantel’s episode from August 22, Pedro confesses, “It’s not working.”

Chantel no give me the space I’m asking for, he continues. She tries to get through my door and disturb my sleep. She does, occasionally, become very angry.

Pedro asserts that Chantel will cry briefly before becoming irate if he opens the door. He wonders if she’s just playing him for a fool.

pedro and chantel divorce

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Pedro makes the decision to consult a divorce lawyer. He is interested in exploring all of his separation-related options. That’s not all, though. He desires to discover “more about divorce.”


The attorney is ideal for Pedro because she specializes in immigration law. He informs his attorney of his visa and green card situation. She informs him that when Chantel submitted an affidavit of support for a 10-year period, “divorce does not modify the financial commitment.”

Pedro is adamant that Chantel isn’t someone he wants to “take everything from.” He would want to divide the rewards equally with her. Pedro is “entitled to certain things regardless of your legal status,” according to the lawyer’s early assumptions. She believes it’s crucial that Pedro be aware of his rights and knows what he is and is not entitled to in the event of a divorce.

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Chantel won’t be pleased when she learns about this rendezvous. Chantel and Pedro’s marriage has recently been plagued by recurring issues. In an earlier episode, Pedro said, “I miss marriage the way it was before. “Fewer issues.

I felt a strong attraction to her. She was a darling with a gorgeous figure and eyes. Yes, our physical contact was good. firmly bonded physically. Perhaps it is all we have at first. TLC broadcasts The Family Chantel every Monday at 8 p.m.

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