IllnessIs Paul Sinha Sick? Why He Can't Even Walk!

Is Paul Sinha Sick? Why He Can’t Even Walk!

Supriya Kumar “Paul” Sinha is a British quizzer, comedian, physician, and presenter. She was born on May 28, 1970. He is one of the six Chasers on the ITV game program The Chase and has written and performed a lot on Radio 4.

paul sinha illness

Paul Sinha Will Not Be Defeated by The Disease.

The Chaser told the Telegraph that although he had traveled much as a child, taking vacations was challenging because of his self-employment. When he organized his first “real holiday” in 2017, that changed.

He had just started dating Oliver when he made the decision to put it to the test over the holidays.

While touring Spain with Oliver, Paul made the decision that if he were to ever pop the question to Oliver, he would choose a romantic foreign location.

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They traveled to Rome two years later, and The Chase favorite planned to propose while there.

Such ‘terrible’ pain “Couldn’t walk” Paul

However, Paul claimed that after exploring the Italian city on foot, he began to experience “terrible back agony.”

He occasionally said he “couldn’t walk at all.”

He was unaware that it was a precursor of Parkinson’s disease at the time.

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But life is all about adapting, Paul said, so you should learn to play the hand you’ve been dealt. I can prepare for our trip now that I know what’s wrong with me.

He stated that while he still enjoys “walking around new areas,” he does so slowly and deliberately in order to “account for the fact that I will feel fatigued more quickly.”

Paul claimed that when he is in a place with seating, like a gallery, he also uses it.

The Chase Actor Appeals to The Audience

Parkinson’s may slow me down a little, but it won’t stop me from seeing the world, Paul vowed.

“You never know what’s going to happen in the future: if you have travel goals, don’t wait – just go, make it happen, however hard it might be,” he advised his followers before wrapping up.

paul sinha illness

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Early Years

Sinha was conceived on May 28, 1970. He received his education at St. George’s Hospital Medical School and Dulwich College. Sinha graduated as a doctor of medicine in the 1990s. He honed his comedic skills as co-editor of the medical school magazine, known as the Slag Mag, and developed a love for the stage while a student at St. George’s annual revue.


Stand-up Comedy

While serving as a junior physician in hospitals in London and King’s Lynn, Sinha started doing stand-ups. His early writing heavily employed puns and relied on his sexuality and ethnicity. He finished third in the 1999 Hackney Empire New Act of the Year competition.

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Sinha’s breakthrough came with his second solo Edinburgh performance, Saint or Sinha?, which garnered him an if. comedy nomination in 2006. He had spent several years juggling touring with his budding medical career.

Private Life

Parkinson’s disease was identified in Sinha in May 2019.

Sinha married Oliver Levy on December 14, 2019, despite being gay.

Paul Sinha’s Earnings

Approximately £1.4 million is the star’s estimated net worth, per Net Worth List.

According to some accounts, he has a modest fortune and has made about £1 million.

On May 28, 1970, Paul was born in Luton, Bedfordshire.


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