Outer Range Season 2 Release Date Cancelled or Confirm ?

The cliffhangers in Outer Range were numerous. When Perry (Tom Pelphrey) plunged into the time-traveling vacuum, where did he go? What will Amy (Olivia Abercrombie) do now that she has been reunited with her mother? Is she on her way to becoming the enigmatic Autumn we’ve come to know? How will the Abbotts bounce back? Please, for the love of God, someone explain the buffalo (oh and the portal and the scene from the future).

In general, there’s still a lot to unpack. Although the plot becomes increasingly complicated, the premise and execution remain compelling. If only to wrap up loose ends, it would be cruel not to give viewers a second season.

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Unfortunately, no word on whether the Western-sci-fi thriller will be renewed for a second season, but stay tuned for further information.

Release Date:

We don’t need a time portal to figure out that it won’t happen anytime soon, but we’ll keep this page updated as soon as we hear of anything on the horizon. On Amazon Prime Video, you may watch Outer Range.


Noah Reid’s deep and dulcet singing voice was heard for the last time in Outer Range, as his character was killed off in the finale.

Because he and his fictional brother Trevor Tillerson (Matt Lauria) were the only characters to die in the episode, we can expect to see them again:

  • Royal Abbott played by Josh Brolin

• Cecilia (Cece) Abbott played by Lili Taylor

• Rhett Abbott played by Lewis Pullman

• Autumn Rivers played by Imogen Poots

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• Wayne Tillerson played by Wayne Patton

• Luke Tillerson played by Shaun Sipos

• Deputy Sheriff Joy played by Tamara Podemski

• Maria Olivares played by Isabel Arraiza

Previous season recap:

The Abbott family has been split into subplots, each with its own ebbs and flows that run throughout the novel. This signifies a physically and symbolically disintegrating family. Cecilia bears the burden of Perry’s disappearance as the rest of the family goes their separate ways. She prepares a family meal, knowing it would go unnoticed, and then heads to the rodeo to support her son Rhett in his final bull riding heat. The burial of the bears she fought alone encapsulates her fragile state of mind, with a great performance by Lili Taylor carrying the weight of this shared worry, once again on her own.

Royal is caught up in his own adventure after witnessing Perry leap into the abyss thanks to Autumn’s manipulation, and he hunts her down like prey. In the season finale, these two feeble characters play a cat-and-mouse game. Autumn is insane, pacing the bank with a quivering gun in her hand, and Royal is for her blood. The two prepare for a titanic battle that will not disappoint.

The Tillersons aren’t doing much better. After Luke attempted to murder his father, Billy fed Wayne some magical black dust. Billy agrees to give his brother full ownership of the property in exchange for him not attempting to kill Wayne again. Luke accepts, and the rest of the play is spent searching for Wayne’s fortune. Both Tillersons are blinded by their obsessions: Billy wants to discover the hole’s mysteries, while Luke only wants money. He digs all night long until he finds what he’s looking for.

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Thus, This is all about outer range season 2.

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