One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date confirmed or not

One Punch man is a widely popular anime series, with youngsters and kids following it. It is considered one of the best anime series of current times. It offers so much entertainment, thrill, excitement and so on. It is filled with interesting storylines, that do not confine to one genre or category in general, but explores so many sides, that it keeps you hooked. It is a comedy-action plot, with wonderful characters. One Punch Man season 3 is inching towards a release, with the first two seasons being massive successes, there a lot of expectations and anticipation attached to season 3. Here’s all we know about your favorite show!


The well-established and celebrated voice actors of the prior seasons will be coming back for  season 3. Including Makoto Furukawa as Saitama, Kaito Ishikawa as Genos, Shota Yamamoto as Bearded worker, and Ueda Youji as Bespectacled worker.

One Punch Man season 3 cast also will have new additions with cast Nobuo Tobita as Sitch, Hiromichi Tezuka as Commentator, Sawashiro Yuuichi as Mumen Rider, and Yoshiaki Hasegawa as Eyelashes.


One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero manga series created by One. It revolves around the life of Saitama, a superhero who can trounce any adversary with just a punch and is looking for a competent and powerful contender after finding himself getting bored and disinterested due to the absence of a worthy rival. The original webcomic was written in 2009 by One.

Plot and Storyline

The story is based on Saitama’s life who is the protagonist of the show, Saitama spent the major part of his life as a regular, ordinary person but that changed one day as he decided to transform himself into a hero though initially making that choice in a frivolous, fun way he attaches seriousness and determination later to this resolution, to gain strength, master the craft of being a savior, and training as hard as he can to beat any opponent that crosses his path, he ends up becoming so mighty, influential and puissant that he has obtained the ability to defeat his foes with just a punch, everybody who dares to stand against him and fight him, fails to do so owing to just one punch as a maneuver by him, Saitama finds himself drifting, becoming bored & disinterested, something that held and contained fun, fierceness and feisty elements earlier has now lost all these properties as he has attained finesse in it, but universe has its own ways of giving someone what he wants, on one fine day, his life again takes a huge turn when it collides with Cyborg who admires Saitama and has tremendous power, and then they become a part of Hero Association imbuing his otherwise dull life with a whole lot of thrill.

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Season 2 Recap

Garou follows and gains victory over the affiliates of the Hero Association, and various monsters come together establishing their own organization named the Monster Association, their aim is to overturn the current order of the world, orchestrate & bring about a prognostocated apocalypse by attacking substantial cities and terrorizing their custodians

One Punch Man Season 3
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Garou despite all his efforts fails to bringing about the apocalypse and it is temporarily pushed and avoided. The season although ended on a cliff-hanger, giving us many secrets and a ton lot of suspense to figure out, as we se the reoccurrence of Elder Centipede, who disrupts the long-due battle between Bang and Garou. He comes off as unbeatable by the heroes gatheded but is eventually defeated by Saitama and his punch. Meanwhile, Garou is taken away by the Monster Association, their intentions are to turn the “Human Monster” into a real monster.

Release Date

The series’ official Twitter handle has already provided us with a teaser of One Punch Man Season 3. With a long time behind ut, the production finally begun with MAPPA taking all the onus.already teased us about the upcoming season. After a long wait, the production finally commenced, with MAPPA taking all the onus.

One Punch Man Season is expected as release in the latter half of 2022, it was supposed to air on September 15th in Japan but then it was announced that owing to technical difficulties it was slightly behind the schedule.

Number of Episodes

There is no official clarity or authorized information that has been published yet but by looking at the track records of seasons 1 and 2 which consisted of 12 episodes each, it is expected that thr duration of One Punch Man Season 3 will be the same.

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What to Expect?

According to the word on the street we can expect to see more action in One Punch Man season 3. It will not only trace Saitama’s life, journey and upcoming challenges but will also unveil and elaborate the challenge itself, and the biggest one that too, being the Monsters Association ansntheir vile intentions. We can anticipate fantastic fight segments with Zombieman, Atomic Samurai, and Flashy Flash.

Where to Watch?

Once it is released in Japan formally then like its first two seasons it will hopefully be available on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and Peacock. There is no official information if it will be made available on any other streaming platforms, but as soon as there is we will update you about it

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