ControversyOlivia Munn's Oddball Scandals: Inside the Debate!

Olivia Munn’s Oddball Scandals: Inside the Debate!

You may be familiar with Olivia Munn as an actor from her work in X-Men: Apocalypse and The Newsroom, as well as from her unconventional beauty advice (she continues to be the only person we know who utilizes potatoes in her skincare regimen).
Due to her participation in a number of unconnected dramas, Munn’s name may have also recently been in the headlines.

Most recently, Munn reportedly canceled a scheduled appearance on the American morning program Today due to rumors that ‘Wag!
, the dog-walking app for which she serves as spokesman.

For more information on why Munn has faced some controversy in 2019, scroll down.

Olivia Munn on The ‘wag!’ Dog Walking App

olivia munn controversy

Munn is now a Wag! investor., a program marketed as a “Uber app for dog walking.” Since the platform’s launch, the scandal has unfortunately dogged it, from reported dog-napping events to puppies disappearing from their parents.

A New York couple contacted Munn on social media in June 2019 when their dog, Benny, was stolen from their apartment complex after they had reserved him on Wag! According to a Page Six report, Munn connected with the couple within 15 minutes and assisted them in finding a detective.

Benny was taken by a known “Wag,” but he was eventually discovered alive and unharmed.

a canine walker.

Following the controversy, TMZ reported that Wag! is currently being sued for employing unreliable walkers and utilizing Munn’s notoriety to dispel negative headlines.

Following the claimed legal issues, Munn reportedly canceled her appearance in July 2019 on the US morning program Today, according to a Page Six article.

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On the E. Jean Carroll Allegations: Olivia Munn

E. In June 2019, an American author. Donald Trump is the target of horrific rape charges made by Jean Carroll, dating back to the mid-1990s.

Carroll said in a New York Magazine piece that in 1995, Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at a clothes store. Later, President Trump refuted the allegations, calling Carroll “not my type” in a nasty comment.

olivia munn controversy

Later, on a guest appearance on the US talk show The View, Olivia Munn spoke on the issue, which received mixed reviews. However, Munn added: “If someone is speaking out [about sexual assault], I believe you, and I also want to see evidence that supports it—really that’s crucial.” Munn defended Carroll and her claims.

It’s important to note that Munn has already made charges of her own. In a 2017 interview with the Los Angeles Times, she joined a group of six women who accused film director Brett Ratner of sexual assault, accusations the disgraced director “vehemently contests.”

Even while some people agreed with Munn’s assessment of Carroll, her remarks sparked controversy, forcing her to clarify her remarks on Twitter.

Munn pleaded with the audience to accept Carroll and her tale in response to activist Shannon Coulter, stating that “the legal vetting process publications go through wouldn’t allow [the story] to be published if it weren’t supported by proof.”

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Go Fug Yourself vs. Olivia Munn

If only I Had a Dollar for Every Time I’ve Said, “oh My God Olivia Munn,” Was an Article Published in April 2019 on The Fashion Site Go Fug Yourself. It Was Mockingly Noted by The Author, Jessica Morgan, that Munn’s Striped Peter Pilotto Suit Was “really Basically Like She Got Pulled Into Making a Sequel to American Hustle that Ended up Going Straight to On-Demand.”

A Week Later, the Actress Posted an Essay on Twitter Criticizing Morgan and Heather Morgan, Her Co-Star on Go Fug Yourself, for What She Considered Were Unjust Criticisms.

She stated, Among Other Things: “we’ve Accepted It Because as Women We’ve Been Conditioned to Believe that Being Publicly Chastised for Our Weight, Our Looks, or Our Choice in Clothing Is an Acceptable Part of Our Existence. Blogs Like ‘go Fug Yourself’ Have Been Around for Awhile [sic], with Their Snark and Hypocrisy on Full Display.”

Many Thought Her Essay Was Overreacting, Especially Given that Go Fug Yourself Takes a Comedic Approach and Rarely Deals with Delicate Subjects.


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