CelebrityDiscussion of Oh Young Soo's Acting Method and Health Issues!

Discussion of Oh Young Soo’s Acting Method and Health Issues!

Since its premiere last fall, Squid Game has become Netflix’s biggest hit of all time, with 2.1 billion streaming hours logged.

In 2022, the show’s popularity is still at an all-time high, as seen by its continued dominance of both award season and the conversation about pop culture.

Oh Young-soo, a member of the cast, earned headlines for his iconic performance in the show.

When the year began, Young-soo made history by being the first South Korean actor to take home the Golden Globe. This, however, is not his first acting award.

Thought He Was Going to Die When He Had Pneumonia The 77-year-old actor has had a long and varied career, including significant stage experience.

The Golden Globe-winning actor has called his condition the biggest catastrophe of his life.

Oh Young Soo, 77, Talks Openly About His Struggles with Health in New Book

Oh Young Soo illness

Winner Young Soo recently met down with Rolling Stone Korea for an interview, where he discussed his health and acting career spanning five decades.

When asked if he’s ever hit a low moment in his career, Young Soo, who didn’t begin acting until he was 22, said, “It’s not so much a slump, but a time when I experienced health problems.”

It was a double whammy for Young Soo in 2009 when he was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and required surgery to open a clogged artery, and then again this year.

In a previous interview, he said that his acute pneumonia was the worst crisis he had ever faced.

If you had to answer the question, “Has there been any slump or crisis that has arisen at least once in your 55 years of performing experience?” honestly, what would you say?

“I think it’s not especially a slump,” Oh Young-soo said in the interview, “but there were periods when I have health problems.” She went on to say, “In 2009, I underwent a treatment to place a stent due to angina.”

I got acute pneumonia a few years back, so now I try to take care of myself by working out first thing in the morning,” he said.

Oh Young-Soo, Star of Squid Game, Takes the Golden Globe for best-supporting Actor

Oh Young Soo illness

The best supporting actor in a television movie or series went to Squid Game’s Oh Young-soo, who received the Golden Globe for that role at the 79th annual ceremony.

Although he did not attend the ceremony, Lee Jung Jae posted a photo of himself with Oh Young Soo and the caption “Mr. Illam, congratulations. every scene with my instructor was an honor. from the teacher’s lungs.”

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which organizes the Golden Globes and serves as a prelude to the Academy Awards, has faced criticism for its perceived lack of diversity and alleged corruption (Hollywood Foreign Press Association).

Hollywood studios like Netflix, Warner Media, and Amazon have all announced that they will not be attending the ceremony until the HFPA makes changes.


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