No Caller Id? Here’s How To Recognize the Caller!

Your phone rings, but there is no Person ID and the caller cannot be identified. A call from an unknown number is obnoxious and unsettling. Receiving frequent calls from an obnoxious number may easily be characterized as harassment.

These “strange” calls may not be a threat to you if you take them in moderation; they could simply be telemarketers or even prank calls. Receiving a lot of calls from bothersome callers, though, can soon become very upsetting.

Why Isn’t Caller Id Available?

Receiving calls marked “No Caller ID” means the caller has actively chosen to hide his phone number from you.

Using the “No Caller ID” option, which is available on some phones, the caller can hide his phone number while on the line.

When you activate this feature, the privacy flag in the network is turned on and the caller’s number is purposely hidden from being displayed on your phone.

no caller id

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How to Hiding “no Caller Id” Calls

If you’re irritated by a constant stream of calls from masked numbers, third-party apps can display the incoming numbers.

One such program that I am aware of is called “Trap Call.” I have tried it out and found that it works well to block incoming calls.

By using trap calls, you can find out the caller’s name, address, and even phone number in order to identify the “Unknown Caller” ID.

You have the choice to add the number to a blacklist by using Trap call in order to block further calls from it.

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How to Block a Call on An iPhone without Caller Id

By sliding on the red “reject” button that displays on the screen, iPhone users can decline calls from unknown callers or calls without caller ID.

If your iPhone is locked, you can decline the calls by touching the lock button twice.

What Made a Strange Caller Call?

If you are receiving calls from numbers that appear as “Unknown Caller” on your mobile device, it’s likely that your telecom provider was unable to identify the number on their end.

By dialing *67 before the desired phone number, you can also conceal your phone number.

When you don’t answer the phone, how to stop telemarketers from contacting you

You can also change your mobile device’s call-blocking settings. Below is a list of steps you can do to block anonymous calls on your mobile device.

no caller id

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iPhone by Apple:

1. On your iPhone, select “Settings,” then “Phone.”

2. Select “Phone” and turn “Silence Unknown Callers” ON.


1. Open the “Dialer” app on your Android mobile device.

2. From the menu, choose “Vertical Ellipsis” on the program’s right side (three vertical dots).

3. Choose “Settings.”

4. Click “Block Numbers”.

5. Make “Block Unknown Callers” active.

By making the changes described above to your mobile device, you can prevent anonymous callers from calling you and annoying you repeatedly.

Conclusion: No Caller Id vs. Unknown Caller

In contrast to traditional landlines and wireless networks, VoIP uses the internet to make calls, making it invisible to traditional telephony networks.

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To reduce phone costs, the vast majority of businesses and organizations use VoIP. So the next time an “Unknown Caller” phones, it could be your place of business.

Although Trap Call is an excellent tool for blocking and blacklisting anonymous callers, it is only accessible in the US and has several restrictions. If you travel regularly, consider this.

However, similar third-party programs like Truecaller have additionally demonstrated success in both calls blocking and recognizing spam calls.

Telemarketers are been known to conceal their phone numbers in order to make cold calls more successfully and boost conversion rates.

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