IllnessIs Nick Cannon Really in Danger of Dying Because of His Rare...

Is Nick Cannon Really in Danger of Dying Because of His Rare Disease Lupus?

There is no simple way, to sum up, 32-year-old Nick Cannon. It would be an understatement to suggest that he is a man of many skills. He is a well-known actor, comedian, songwriter-rapper, DJ, and radio and television personality.

Any difficulties that have come his way have always been met with enthusiasm. But he wasn’t ready for the hardest obstacle he would encounter.

He was identified as having lupus renal disease in January 2012. (also called lupus nephritis). Before a New Year’s holiday in Aspen, he had knee swelling and weariness, which grew worse while he was there.

He speculated that it might be related to Colorado’s higher elevation, but breathing difficulties and renal pain forced him to seek medical attention. Tests performed after his hospitalisation on January 4, 2012, confirmed the diagnosis.

Learning Curve

nick cannon illness

According to Cannon, “I was told that it was an autoimmune condition and that it wasn’t life-threatening if I managed it properly and took the appropriate medication.” I had to exercise tremendous caution, follow a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and take care of my body so that I could combat it.

It was challenging for someone accustomed to managing a dozen projects at once to realise that he needed to slow down. As soon as he started feeling better, he believed he could resume his hectic work schedule.

He claims that “I was continuously dealing with attempting to have the same type of endurance and stamina that I had before the diagnosis,” and it caused him to experience an even more catastrophic setback.

He recalls taking 20 or so different medications, including prednisone, a corticosteroid, to suppress the overactivity of his immune system, CellCept®, the potent immunosuppressive chemotherapy drug, and Diovan®, for the high blood pressure that was endangering his kidneys.

He was re-hospitalized in February 2012 with a pulmonary embolism—a clot in the lungs caused by his failing kidneys. Additionally, he was forced to change to a low-sodium diet for about nine months. He declares, “No pig or red meat, just fish, veggies, and fruit.”

Cannon, who has been hosting the well-liked early morning radio programme on CBS affiliate WXRK-FM (in New York) since 2009, decided to put his health first. He claims that although it was a difficult choice, his “sleeping habits are better” as a result.

He is still eating fruits, vegetables, some meat, and very little processed food even though he is no longer following a specific diet. He now only takes a small number of drugs, including “a very modest quantity” of prednisone, and works out five times per week.

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Making His Mark

That said, Cannon is still putting forth a lot of effort. Quite the opposite. This man always had huge dreams and claimed that even as a young child, he knew he was destined for the stage. When Cannon began performing in comedy clubs in Hollywood at the young age of 15, he was accustomed to being in the spotlight.

Improv, sketch, and unscripted comedy are Cannon’s strengths. His 15-year association with the Nickelodeon network began when he appeared as the warm-up act for the audience of Nickelodeon’s All That, a live-action sketch comedy/variety programme with brief comic sketches and regular musical guests.

He quickly transitioned to the writer, becoming, at the age of 17, the youngest staff writer in television history, and subsequently to series regular and adolescent favourite.

He currently holds the position of chairman of TeenNick, where he contributes to the development and creation of original content like the TeenNick Countdown Show and the TeenNick HALO (“Helping and Leading Others”) Awards, which will run for the fifth time this fall. There are plans for an all-female cast variety show as well.

His passion for music has likewise remained unwavering. He declares, “Music has always been my passion.” When he was 8 years old, around the time he started writing his own songs, he received musical instruments from his grandfather, which in part kindled his interest.

Ten years after he published his debut self-titled album, Cannon is still actively managing the careers of musicians represented by his company’s music section, such as the New Boyz, Cory Gunz, the Rangers, School Girls, and 4Count, in addition to working on new songs.

“With this diagnosis, I can live until I’m a very old man as long as I take care of myself.

And Cannon is involved in other things as well. He is anticipating the second season of The Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET, which he describes as “fun—a bunch of pals getting crazy.”

In addition to enjoying his high-profile summer job as host of the NBC reality series America’s Got Talent, which is currently in its fifth season, he has a deal with NBC Networks to develop both scripted and unscripted content. Additionally, Cannon is preparing to bring the Soul Train brand back.

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Reaching Out

nick cannon illness

Cannon says that his primary focus is still on controlling his health problems. He was eager to learn more and searched online to support his doctors’ statements that “I can survive till [I’m] a very old man with this diagnosis as long as I take care of me,” as he had no family history of lupus.

He made a connection with a group of lupus sufferers. Family and friends were there for him as well, including lupus sufferer Toni Braxton. “I make an effort to have as much faith, hope, and optimism as I can. Those are the things that, in my opinion, are helpful. Faith affects change, “claims Cannon.

“A lot of people advised me to keep [my lupus diagnosis] private and not discuss it because it would affect my job, insurance, and other things, but I feel like this happened to me so I can be an inspiration and talk about it,” she said.

Cannon claims that he is a strong believer in sharing his experiences with others because of all the support he has received from local and international members of the lupus community.

Many individuals advised him to keep his lupus diagnosis a secret so as not to jeopardise his employment, insurance, or anything else, he claims. But I believe that this happened to me so that I might inspire others and share my experience.

He produced a Web series called The NCredible Health Hustle to document his journey toward recovery, from diagnosis to doctor visits to returning to work. He intends to turn those videos into an extensive documentary.

He has also been involved with organisations that support kidney and lupus research, such as the Lupus Foundation of America, and he says he likes “being that voice and using my popularity for the right awareness.” Cannon acknowledges that like him when he was first diagnosed, the majority of people are ignorant of lupus.

It’s a sickness that can strike victims in many ways. Everyone has had a unique experience, he claims. People deal with this illness on a daily basis, so the more knowledge and research we have about it, the better off we’ll be.

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Cannon is also clear about two of his top concerns as he navigates the ups and downs of living with lupus: daughter Monroe and son Moroccan. He claims that becoming a father “gives your life so much more significance.

It enables you to view everything objectively. Things that were formerly essential to me are probably not as significant now, and each day is becoming more and more valuable to me.

In terms of his professional goals, Cannon declares that he is driven to “influence culture, leave my stamp on this world when I’m no longer here, and leave it a better place.”

In addition to America’s Got Talent, which airs on NBC, he also produces the sketch show Incredible Crew for Cartoon Network, for which he also wrote the theme song; the upcoming movie School Dance, which he wrote, produced, and directed; and the upcoming second season of the unscripted comedy Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET.

Additionally, he is producing a comedy special for Showtime that is anticipated to air in the late summer. He admits, “I talk a lot about my lupus nephritis in the show. “Talking about how I’m handling things is therapeutic for me.”

Cannon’s counsel for individuals who have just received a lupus diagnosis? “Learn as much as you can about the illness. You may develop your confidence and self-worth by doing it. It is easier to deal with the more you are aware of it and the better care you give yourself, he claims.

Above all, the celebrity encourages people with lupus to never lose hope that there is still hope. Cannon claims that a cure for lupus would be “the miracle that everyone in this struggle is aiming towards”

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Nick Cannon on Living with Lupus

Nick sat down for a quick interview to explain how he is managing his lupus after taking part in the Lupus Foundation of America’s Washington, DC Walk to End Lupus Now event on April 19, 2014, along with 4,000 other individuals.


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