Is New Mobile Media App Authentic or Fake? | Nmm App Review

A brand-new mobile app that generates income online is called New Mobile Media App. They assert that by referring more individuals and performing some pointless tasks, people can make money.

A virtual machine must be bought in order to make money. It was referred to as a machine that was rentable. This machine is not physical; it is virtual. You must add the necessary amount to the app in order to purchase this machine. 260 rupees is the required minimum for a recharge.

I don’t want to go into any more detail about investing, when to invest, how to invest, etc. Since I’m here, I’ll tell you whether this New Mobile Media App is a scam or not and how much money it can earn you.

How to Sign up For a New Mobile Media App

The provided referral link must be clicked, and the app must be downloaded, in order to register for this fraudulent app. The screen for registering will open after downloading. For registration in this app, you must provide your mobile number.

new mobile media

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It is never a good idea to download this app and give your private data to it in order to earn some bitcoins. Such applications will come and go. However, a different scammer business will purchase your phone number.

New Mobile Media App: Is it Legit or Fake?

The New Mobile Media App is a fake earning app; that much is true. A fake earning app just got released. An established business has already used the name New Mobile Media. However, the New Mobile Media App disclaimer is missing from the website of the original company.

Particularly The correct ownership information is not provided in this app. I’ll share some noteworthy details about the New Mobile Media App with you. It might aid in your decision regarding the New Mobile Media App’s validity.

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You can tell whether the New Mobile Media App is genuine or not by taking a look at the app’s design and persuasive approach. Both their real name and address will remain a secret. By talking about lucrative returns, they are merely attempting to divert your attention. About the company CEO, nothing will be disclosed. Consequently, you should never believe such an app.

The most fraudulent apps use a straightforward and typical business model, just like this fake New Mobile Media App. There is no available customer service. To earn the trust of users, they initially offer legitimate withdrawals. Why don’t they reveal who they really are if this New Mobile Media App is real?

Most Fraudulent Applications Employ This Common Tactic.

  • They emphasize that they offer virtual machines that can be rented.
  • This app doesn’t have an official website.
  • There are no available official phone numbers.
  • From Hong Kong, the domain was registered
  • unavailability of the domain registrant name
  • No privacy statement is offered.
  • There isn’t an included disclaimer page.
  • Inaccessible email and postal addresses for the domain registrant
  • No information about the founder is available.
  • No developer details are offered.
  • Sept. 2021 saw the registration of the app domain.
  • Users are provided with a very lucrative plan. A frequent fraudster ruse is this one.
  • No strategy for the future exists.
  • Unattractive application
  • The identity of the app’s operator is concealed
  • fake information was given about us.
  • False information was provided about the business.
  • Unknown contact information

Now that you are aware of this fraud application, I hope you can understand it. Never believe anything an application says unless they make a claim to ownership and real identity.

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First off, the New Mobile Media App (NMM) app isn’t accessible through the Google Play store. This app’s untrustworthiness has thus been proven. Internet fraud applications that defraud innocent people are still widely available.

I hope this review was helpful and that you learned enough about the New Mobile Media App to make a decision.

new mobile media

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Buying a New Mobile Media App Is It Safe to Do So?

The answer is no, it is not safe to invest in a new mobile media app. You never receive a guarantee for your money from fraudulent apps, for this reason. Giving your bank account information and mobile number to this kind of application is not safe either.

The purchase of this app is not something I advise. You will make a good profit during the first few days after the app launch, and you will be able to withdraw your money to your account without any problems. The process of withdrawal could eventually fail for a number of fictitious reasons.

Many fake earning applications entered the market, made some money, and then disappeared without allowing users to withdraw their winnings. Checking the domain at or in a whois lookup makes it simple to find the fraudulent application.

Most of these applications are run out in places like China, Arizona, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Iceland, which are notorious for having a high rate of scammers and fraud. Avert using apps of this nature.

They’ll initially generate a decent daily income and return. They will, however, continue to abuse your personal data in the future. Your personal data is equally important to your investment, you understand.

New Mobile Media App Review

Initial results of the new mobile media app were favorable, and there were no reported issues with withdrawal. This app’s withdrawal issues also developed gradually. Most users of this application have left negative comments on New Mobile Media App in the YouTube comments section. Avoid putting your trust or money into this kind of application.

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new mobile media

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Download a Brand-New Mobile Media App

There isn’t a download link for the New Mobile Media App in the Google Play Store. The Google Play store initially hosted the New Mobile Media App. This app was taken off of the Google Play store due to poor performance and numerous negative reviews.

Currently, if you want to use the New Mobile Media App, you must download the apk version from some specific websites. However, we never suggest downloading it in order to make money.

New Mobile Media App: Is it a Scam or Legit?

The app called “New Mobile Media Earning” is not a trustworthy app. The app is a rip-off. Never ever should you try to make money using this app? Before making a purchase, try reading reviews of this type of app.

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On the internet, there are still a lot of reliable and legitimate earning mobile applications. On my blog, I have listed a tonne of information about earning applications. Visit my blog’s Earn money online tab to read the articles there.


I do not advise anyone to earn money and invest in the New Mobile Media App. It could initially pay off for you. But over time, they might decide to keep your money for a pointless activity.
Online, you can inform the Cyber Crime Department of any money laundering and fraudulent applications.

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