The Wife of Ne-Yo Files for Divorce, Claiming that He Had a Child with Another Woman!

Shaffer Chimere Smith, better known by his stage name Ne-Yo, was born on October 18, 1979, and is an American singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. When he wrote Mario’s 2004 hit song “Let Me Love You,” he became famous for his songwriting skills. After the single’s successful release, Jay-Z and Ne-Yo met to discuss a long-term recording deal, which led to the recording contract.

Cheated on His Wife

The singer’s wife is ending their marriage by filing for divorce and asserting that he recently had a child with another woman.

Ne-wife, Yo’s Crystal Renay, filed divorce papers earlier this week in Atlanta, claiming that their union is “irretrievably destroyed with no possibility for reconciliation.”

NE-YO Wife Files For Divorce

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The most stunning revelation, according to Smith, is that despite the fact that she and Ne-Yo share three children together, he recently fathered a child with another woman. The couple’s separation date is listed as July 22, 2022, and Crystal claims to have been caring for the three children ever then.

In addition to seeking joint legal and primary bodily custody of the children, Crystal is also seeking alimony and child support.

Over the years, Ne-Yo and Crystal have experienced ups and downs; she initially petitioned for divorce in 2020 but then withdrew it. According to the TMZ report, the couple held a “second” wedding in Vegas in 2022 to once again celebrate their love.

Breakup Announced on Instagram

The information was released just a few days after Crystal announced her intention to break up with the musician on social media, alleging that he had cheated on her during their relationship.

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“8 years. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Renay referred to 8 years of lies and deceit. “8 years of naively sharing my life and my spouse with a multitude of women who sell their bodies to him bare, every single one of them!”

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She continued, “To say I’m horrified and heartbroken is an understatement.” “It is simply ridiculous to want me to stay and tolerate it. The narcissist’s way of thinking. I won’t continue to mislead the public or make this out to be something it isn’t. I make the decision to be happy, healthy, and respected.

Ne-Yo took to Twitter shortly after Crystal made her remarks to request privacy throughout the split.

My family and I will resolve our issues behind closed doors for the benefit of our kids, Ne-Yo added. Personal issues shouldn’t be discussed in open forums, according to the saying. Simply respecting the privacy of my family and me at this time is all I want.

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