My Liberation Notes Review, Recap, Plot and much more details

On Netflix, there’s no shortage of dramas, but only a select handful make it to the streaming service’s weekly Top 10 list. As of this writing, are among the most sought-after lineup. The JTBC series My Liberation Notes, which has been appearing and disappearing from the list for the last two months, deserves a special mention from us, diehard K-show lovers.

Overview of My Liberation Notes

Kim Ji Won, well known for his roles in in the City, portrays Yeom Mi-jung, the trio’s youngest member. As a shy extrovert, she is used to spending much of her time alone. She sets out to transform her life since she’s tired of the sameness. It’s a major step for her. Getting to know the newcomer to town.

Plot & Storyline of My Liberation Notes

Set in Sanpo, the plot revolves on the Yeom siblings, a group of three disillusioned people trying to escape their bleak circumstances. When the mysterious Mr. Goo shows around, it makes a stir in the community, particularly in a place where everyone has left but no one is brave enough to move. It’s tough for Mr. Goo to keep his secrets safe from gossip and Mi-jung, who wants to make friends with him.

Cast explanation

They are Lee Min and Lee El, who portray three Yeom brothers. To represent Yeom Chang-hee, who’s also surprisingly sensible, Min Ki chose to play the only male and the family’s middle child. In his younger years, he had fantasies of going out of town and experiencing but he ended up staying there.

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Where was it filmed?

Ki-jung, the oldest of the three, works at a Seoul-based research organization as an irritable employee. Tired with traveling from her rural hometown into the metropolis, she goes off in search of romance in the big city.

Recap of My Liberation Notes 

The four of them depart after exchanging New Year’s greetings. Mi-Jeong stumbles into Mr. Gu on the way. Even though Chairman Shin ordered that Hyeon be removed and “shut down,” Gu exhibits a softer side. In the event that the club’s income falls he warns the gambler, “You’re gone.”

Gu confesses to hearing things while talking to Mi-Jeong, as shown by the ringing of a phone in the vehicle. As Gu admits, it’s an unintended consequence of binge drinking all day long. Even though he’s known it for years, a friend and an adversary to him.

When he meets the kids that afternoon, Chang-Hee confides in him that he doesn’t have the strength they have, and Chang-Hee tells him the same thing. 

My Liberation Notes Review

Chun-Ho, who has been taunting Mi-Jeong, is also a part of her difficulties, as is Mi-Jeong. When Guy asks Mi-Jeong to take care of him, he’s met with a flat refusal.

On the next weekend, Du-Hwan seems to welcome the three siblings home to Sangpo. They bring food to Je-birthday Ho’s party and visit with him to reminisce about former times. When Chang-Hee returns to Seoul, he discovers that Hyeok-condition Su’s has deteriorated. He knows he doesn’t have much time left, so he frantically calls and texts Hyeon-A in an attempt to reach her. Her phone isn’t ringing.

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The problem is that this comes at a bad moment. At work, Chang-Hee is doing very well and is about to have a major meeting with HQ. He’s faced with a difficult choice. Isn’t that a difficult decision? He’s here to stay.

Fans reactions

Actor and Sense8 alum Son Seon Ku takes on the role of Mr. Goo, a character from the outside world. An alcoholic who seems to carry the world on his shoulders, his character is a raging alcoholic. Mi-arrival jung alters everything.

Where to watch?

YOu can watch all the episodes on Netflix. It’s available only on Netflix Premium subscription. It is moreover available in most countries.

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However, Chang-Hee had a catch-up with his buddies before their large meal, when he describes how he’s been able to limit the amount he spends. In the end, he was able to pay off his large debt because of his self-discipline, which he achieved by recalling Gu’s counsel on the coin-mountain analogy.

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