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If you’re not familiar with the Marvel cosmos, the post-credits sequences with Morbius are especially perplexing. You may be wondering, however, how many post-credits sequences there are before we go any farther into the spoiler zone. The movie has two Morbius mid-credits sequences, but nothing further happens after that.

Morbius Plot and Storyline

Let us refresh your memory if you’ve already watched the movie so you know what’s going on. We asked filmmaker Daniel Espinosa for his take on the action, and you can find it all in the explanations that follow. As a precautionary measure, we’ve provided a spoiler-free overview of the sequences in the credits — and after that, we’ll go into full spoiler territory.

 A sophisticated set of credits precedes the first and the second set of equally elegant mid-credits follow the second. If you’ve already watched two distinct sequences, you may exit the theater, but if you’d want to go behind Sony’s Marvel world, you’re more than welcome to remain.

Morbius Recap

Taking a cue from Spider-Man: No Way Home, the opening sequence of Morbius begins with the sky breaking. Next, we see Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) as Vulture (Michael Keaton). “I’m hoping the cuisine is better here,” he says. It seems as if the multiverse has completely collapsed.

It was revealed in the press that he has no legitimate cause to be in jail and has arrived out of nowhere, and is due to be freed immediately.

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Whether any other person’s actual identity was transferred from the MCU to the Sony-verse is currently in dispute. What is apparent, though, is that Sony’s Spider-Man films will continue to include Vulture.

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“The Spider-Verse, an animated film I began filming my own film, was the inspiration for those concepts. And I suppose Kevin Feige, as well as ourselves, came up with the concept. That, I believe, is why the last Spider-Man was handled the way it was.”

Morbius’s post-credit scene explained

In the second post-credits sequence featuring Morbius, we see Toomes dressed as the Vulture — how he managed to do that in a new dimension is a mystery. For some reason, Toomes feels his abrupt appearance in a new reality has something to do with Spider-Man since he’s been reading up on the doctor.

Toomes will have no recollection of Spider-actual Man’s identity because of the finale of Spider-Man: No Way Home, performing a spell that erased everyone’s knowledge of Peter Parker’s identity. Then, Toomes informs Morbius to form a group with others who share their values in order to “do some good.” Morbius just had one thing to say in response: “Interesting.”

Since the foundation is being built for this specific collection of villains to make their way to the big screen. After a brief appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Venom 2, Tom Hardy’s Venom has returned to the MCU in the post-credits sequence in Venom 2 and will soon be portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the big-screen version of Kraven the Hunter.

I remember reading Secret Wars as a 12-year-old, which was when all the superheroes and super villains were put on a planet” says Espinoza when we ask about Sinister Six. “It was when they put all the superheroes and super villains on a planet where they had to fight each other,” he continues. 

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Morbius Release Date

In addition to the Sinister Six, who are the other villains? The villains from No Way Home may be safely ignored since they all returned to their own realities, which included Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.

Venom and Mobius might theoretically exist in the same reality as any of those two realms. As of right now, we have no idea which Spider-Man will appear in the Sony verse.

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