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Moon Knight Episode 4 ‘The Tomb” is nothing but an odd, alluring budding of love.
The charisma between Layla and Steven has faced a huge shift particularly right after knowing that Marc is covering a big secret about his past life from Layla. And this has brought a distance between them. But Layla couldn’t help herself without falling for his charms. While March is gone, Steven came up with all the truth about him and went on to kiss Layla.

But the Ammit’s story remains a lie. The complexity of the situation was getting worse since both Marc and Steven are sharing the same body. But they definitely has different characteristics. Somehow Layla is going to know the truth someday. It has become an adorable love triangle since Layla has feelings for Marc too. Marc is only seeing all the things from within and cannot do anything about it.

moon knight episode 4
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Layla and Steven witnessed six path maze in the tomb. And it got them confused to take a certain path. While choosing between the path, they heard the sound of Harrow’s men who were shooting someone and it made Layla and Steven more confused about why someone got a shoot in the tomb.

Steven realized that the tomb is built like the Eye of Horus. And the six paths represented the senses. Layla noticed depictions of Heka priests and guardians on the wall. Then later they stepped on the fresh blood and saw a Heka Priest. Then they both got shocked and separated terrifically. Later, Steven found a burial chamber where the Ammit’s voice pharaoh was buried.

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Layla came across Harrow, who informs her that Marc pulled the trigger to shoot her father and his team. Layla became speechless after knowing the truth about Marc and his actions. And she couldn’t believe Harrow either. He was attacked by all the emotions since she lost her father terribly.

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Moreover, Steven found the burial chamber scripted on the wall and understood that it was written in Macedonian. And he realised that the Ammit’s voice is nothing but Alexander the Great.

Now Steven is supposed to enter into the throat to get the Ammit’s ushabti. And that will act as a key to preventing Layla from Harrow. And on the other hand, Layla was trying to find answers about Harrow’s reveal. Then Marc appeared and told her that it was his men who gunned her father not him.

Then Harrow’s men came and asked Marc to give the ushabti. Marc decided to fight against the Harrow but he was shot dead by Harrow’s men.

Then the whole scene transformed into a psychic ward. Marc was in a wheelchair and his legs were tied up to it. This made the audience question the whole thing. Marc had a moon knight structure in his hand.

Then Dr Arthur explained to everyone that Marc is going through some psychotic breaks that make him tedious to process the real and imagined. Then Harrow tried to convey his situation to everyone. And Mark found the ward and opened the lid. Steven came and they two hugged each other. And Tawaret appeared before Steven and Marc. Both of them screamed and the episode ended. Stay tuned for more updates.

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