Mo Farah Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Awards & More

British long-distance runner Mo Farah, who was born in Somalia, has won six World Championships and four Olympic gold medals. He is the greatest track athlete to ever represent Great Britain and one of the best distance runners in the world, with a current net worth of $5 million. We will go into detail about his net worth in this article, including his personal life, job, sources of income, etc.

About Mo Farah

She was born Hussein Abdi Kahin, but her legal name is Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah. He was born on March 23, 1983, in Gabiley, Somaliland, formerly the Somali Democratic Republic. His mother, Muktar Farah, raised him after his father, Amran Farah, was killed in the civil war when he was four years old. He lived in Mogadishu for a short while as a child.

At the age of nine, Farah was forcibly brought to the UK via Djibouti, where he was given the name Mohammed Farah and made to work as a domestic servant. He was compelled to look after the children of another family after being flown out of the country by a woman he had never met. Under the name Mohamed Farah, he received British citizenship in July 2000. In July 2022, some specifics of his background came to light.
For the first few years he lived in Britain, he was not permitted to attend school. However, when he was around 11 or 12, he started attending Year 7 at Feltham Community College, where the staff was notified that he was a Somali refugee. The first person to notice his athletic prowess was physical education instructor Alan Watkinson. Farah wanted to work on automobiles or play right wing for the Arsenal football team.

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Mo Farah Net Worth and Income

In 2023, Mo Farah’s net worth is anticipated to be $5 million or something. The majority of his wealth came from endorsement deals and prize money collected during his elite running career. Additionally, he is involved in various business endeavours.


Mo Farah makes at least $2 million annually, according to estimates.

Endorsement Deals

Mo Farah huge sponsorship deals only bring in roughly $2 million for him. Some of the largest companies in the world, including Louis Vuitton, Hyundai, Nike, PACE, Sports Magazine, Bupa, Virgin Media, and many others, have hired him to work on their projects.

The American footwear manufacturer Nike and the British Olympian have a history of working together to promote apparel and footwear. Not to mention that his Nike contract pays him a six-figure salary. Similar to this, he works for Virgin Media, a company that earns over a million pounds annually.
The four-time Olympic gold champion also signed marketing agreements with Quron. It was a component of a multimillion-dollar marketing effort that claimed to increase company sales by more than double.

In addition, he bills around $306,881 for each marathon performance. Additionally, he supports Huawei Mobile UK.

Houses and Luxurious Cars

Mo Farah owns pricey homes that are worth millions of dollars. He resides in a lovely home just southwest of London, England, with his lovely wife Tania and their four kids. The $1.59 million home includes a gorgeous kitchen, a sizable living area, a sizable garden, and a sumptuous outdoor pool.

The professional runner also owns a residence in Portland, Oregon, in the US. Additionally, he bought the house in 2013 so that he could preserve his post-tax income.

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The four-time Olympic gold medalist is also fixated on driving fancy cars. He has an orange Bentley Continental GT in his possession right now.

Mo Farah Career

Mo Farah, a long-distance runner from Britain with Somali ancestry, is hailed as one of the best athletes in history. Farah, who was born in 1983 in Mogadishu, Somalia, emigrated to England when he was eight years old. Farah, who grew up in the Hounslow neighbourhood of London, started running at a young age and rapidly demonstrated a talent for long-distance competitions.

At the 2006 European Championships, where he earned a silver medal in the 5,000-metre race, Farah made his debut on the world stage. He then won a gold medal in the same competition at the 2010 European Championships before winning two gold medals in the 5,000- and 10,000-metre races at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, South Korea.

However, Farah’s biggest achievements were at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He became the first British athlete to win gold in the 5,000- and 10,000-metre races by winning both gold medals. At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Farah duplicated this feat and once again won gold in both competitions.

Farah has won a plethora of accolades in addition to his success at the Olympic and World Championships, including six gold medals at the European Championships, five victories at the Great North Run, and the 2017 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

But there have been some controversies during Farah’s career. Alberto Salazar, Farah’s coach, was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs in 2015. Farah has consistently maintained his innocence despite never having been accused of doping. Later, the US Anti-Doping Agency imposed a four-year coaching ban on Salazar.

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Mo Farah Achivements and Awards

  • Olympic medalist six times: Farah is one of the greatest British athletes of all time after winning four gold medals and two silver medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.
  • Five-time global champion: Between 2011 and 2017, Farah won five gold medals at the global championships in athletics, solidifying his place among the all-time greats in the distance race.
  • Owner of the European record: Farah established the 10,000-metre record for Europe in Eugene, Oregon, during the 2011 Diamond League competition.
  • British record holder: Farah is the holder of the 5,000, 10,000, and half-marathon British records.
  • Farah received the 2017 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award in recognition of his accomplishments as one of the top distance runners in the world.
  • Farah received the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2013 for his contributions to athletics.
  • Five times, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2017, Farah was awarded the British Athletics Writers’ Association Athlete of the Year.
  • Victory at the London Marathon: In 2018, Farah won the race, breaking the previous British record for the distance.

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