Meghan Markle Says She Learned Reality of Royal Life After Hug with Kate Middleton and Prince William

Harry and Meghan, a new Netflix docuseries starring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, is the royal couple’s candid look at life beyond the palace walls.

As of right now, you may watch a series that delves deep into the beginnings of their covert affair and Harry’s grief from witnessing the treatment of his mother, Princess Diana, by the tabloids.

To spare his future wife the same ordeal, he and his partner kept their relationship under wraps until they were ready to tie the knot. After that, there was constant coverage in the news.

And they believe that Meghan was abused by royals, subjected to constant scrutiny, and eventually considered suicide because of the pressure she was under. Fearing a similar fate to that of his mother, they controversially gave up their royal titles in the year 2020.

Meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton served as one of Meghan’s earliest recollections of being brought down to earth.

After meeting Kate for the first time, Will invited her and her husband home for dinner, as Meghan recalled on the show. She said, “Like I was a hugger, always been a hugger, and I remember being in ripped pants and barefoot.”

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“I didn’t realize that is incredibly jarring for a lot of Brits,” Meghan says in one moment after realizing she has violated royal protocol by not following the rules she should have known.

The formality I saw on the outside was reflected in the manners I was shown, she went on to say. She learned that there is a forward-facing way of being, and then you close the door and relax now. It surprised me that the level of formality exists on both sides.

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She said, “That’s really amusing if I look back at it now since now I know so much.” Thank goodness I didn’t, because now I can relax and be who I really am without having to put on any airs.

The Couple Met Over Instagram

Early on in the video, the couple reveals that they first made eye contact on Instagram in 2016. Harry recounted that he became interested in Meghan after seeing a mutual friend broadcast a video of her with the now-iconic dog ears filter.

According to another pal, Meghan spent her time off between seasons of filming Suits travelling throughout Europe and enjoying a “single girl summer.” After a mutual acquaintance asked Meghan out on a date with Prince Harry, she looked at his Instagram to get to know him better.

This is where their online courtship began, and according to Meghan, it culminated in an hour-long drink at London’s Soho House on 76 Dean Street, where Harry was allegedly late.

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Considering that Meghan was scheduled to return to the United States the next day, they rescheduled their meeting for the same location.

Harry Reflects on his Childhood

Harry recalled that the paparazzi frequently followed his family on vacations as a child. He claims that the “flying press pack” “forced” him to smile and answer questions, and that he has little recollections of his mother from his early years, despite the fact that his upbringing was “full with laughter,” happiness, and adventure.

“It was as if I’d mentally shut them off. But her giggle, her sly chuckle, is one I’ll never forget. He recalled, “You can get in trouble just don’t get caught,” a common refrain from his mother’s lips.

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Harry also disclosed that his mother had passed away in a vehicle accident in Paris in 1997. They had “two hats to wear,” he claimed, one as mourning sons and the other as royals who could “show no emotion” and meet people.

Their third date was a camping trip in Botswana, and it was where Harry and Meghan first became romantically involved.

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Harry met Prince Seeiso of Lesotho and became close to him in 2004, despite the fact that he had been the subject of numerous bad news stories.

Seeiso explains that Harry was given the moniker “Malahe” (which means “fighter”) and that he was free to “be himself” in Lesotho. After that, he started coming once a year, and he claimed he’d stay for up to three months at a time.

Taking Meghan with him to Africa was “essential,” according to Harry. When Harry and Meghan both had a week off work in the summer of 2016, he took advantage of the situation by inviting her to Botswana for their third date.

For five days, the pair lived together under a tent, and despite their initial concerns that it wouldn’t work, they later reported that “everything felt absolutely normal and natural.”

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