Cuffe Owens and Meghan King’s Annulment with Meghan King: “it Was Like an Arranged Marriage”

One of the well-known TV stars, Meghan King is most recognized for her role in the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Orange County. The singer recently revealed that she will be having her marriage dissolved, just as she did when she first announced her separation from her husband and President Joe Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Biden Owens, a few months ago.

Just two weeks before their wedding, Meghan King allegedly made their connection known to the world. She wed Jim Edmonds in 2014 after being married to attorney Brad McDill until 2011. In May, Edmonds and Meghan’s divorce was declared final.

Meghan King Discusses the Annulment She Received from Cuffe Owens.

Meghan King reportedly mentioned that she was pursuing an annulment during a recent conversation with the presenter of Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM radio show during which they discussed her infamous marriage. The reality personality admitted that her third marriage will be the last one to be dissolved because she had previously wed Brad McDill and Jim Edmonds.

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Meghan King's Marriage to Cuffe Owens Is Officially Annulled

Further describing Ownes, she added that their connection was almost like an arranged marriage because he said all the right things, their families were a wonderful match, and he appeared to have grown up similarly to her. He seems to have grown up similarly to me, she added, adding that the families were a nice fit.

She even discussed how, at the time of her decision to wed Owens, she felt prepared for a partner. She stated: “I believe I was so prepared for a spouse. I basically live with my three young children all the time, so I really really need some assistance and partnership.”
Around three months ago, Meghan King announced her separation from Cuffe Owens on her Instagram account.

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She pleaded for everyone’s understanding and tender kindness as she and her family struggled through this maze of loss.

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“I’ve been asked to comment on the state of my marriage by several publications and individuals,” the note stated. She went on to say, “I’m frightened. This circumstance is utterly disastrous. Clearly, what has happened is not what I had in mind when I took my vows, and I’m astonished and dismayed by how things have turned out.

Together with my kids, I am making progress as we work through our sadness in private and start to let go of broken dreams. I’m currently asking for your patience and gentle kindness as I lead my family through this maze of loss.”

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