Mayans Season 5 Release Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Latest Updates and Much More!

Son of Anarchy’s spinoff show Mayans MC is coming back for a fifth season, FX Entertainment said at Comic Con. The Mayans Season 5 release date hasn’t been announced yet but based on the release dates of the previous seasons, it’s likely to come out in 2023.

Here is all the important information you need to know about Mayans M.C.’s upcoming season. The series is about the Mayans, who are in charge of the Santo Padre charter. They and their sister Angel have very different personalities.

One person becomes more caring about family, while the other becomes more interested in family ties. With this plot going forward, Season 5 of Mayans M.C. is sure to be a huge success.

Mayans Season 5 Cast

In Season 5 of Mayans, EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) are without a doubt the best candidates. Richard Cabral is not likely to come back after he died in the fourth season.

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There could be a few more Sons of Anarchy actors in Season 5. But if you look at Season 4’s cast, it’s just a guess that Season 5 might have a similar cast with some new people.

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  • Clayton Cardenas played Angel Reyes.
  • JD Pardo as Ezekiel
  • Richard Cabral plays Coco
  • Gilly, played by Vincent Vergas
  • Carla Baratta played Adelita, Gino Ventoas played Nestor Oceteva, and Edward James Olmos played Felipe Reyes.
  • Justina Adorno as Nails
  • Emily Thomas, played by Sarah Bolger
  • Leticia Cruz, played by Emily Tosta
  • Frankie Loyal is Tranq
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Plot of Mayans Season 5

In the first scene of the last episode of the season, the Sons of Anarchy found Barry Coco dead in Santo Padre Maya and killed him. But Letty gets mad at the Mayans and tells them she will never forget what happened.

The sad part of the story is when they go to see Terry in the hospital. EZ tried to kill her as soon as the nurses saw what was going on.

The last season showed that EZ got meaner and more dangerous, killing people without caring about them.

So, it seems likely that Season 5 of the Mayans would continue with EZ in charge of the bike gang chapters in Santo Padre. The story could also be about EZ and Angel, who are brothers.

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Angel likes to spend time with this nice family, but EZ has gotten meaner. So, the next episodes will be more interesting to watch when the two very different characters meet in the same story.

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Mayans Season 5 could have a lot more for fans to look forward to. We hope that FX’s original idea will make people gasp in shock and amazement.

When will Mayans Season 5 Release?

FX said that Mayans Season 5 will come out in 2023 during the special screening at San Diego Comic-Con. On the other hand, there hasn’t been a date set yet.

But Seasons 3 and 4 both started in the spring, even though Seasons 1 and 2 began in September. If this pattern stays the same, new episodes of Mayans M.C. Season 5 could come out as early as March 2023. So stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when it comes out as soon as we know.

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Where Can You See Mayans MC?

Fans on both sides of the Atlantic are in luck, because there are many ways to stream Mayans MC. In the United States, you can watch Mayans MC on Hulu. In the United Kingdom, you can watch it on Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus.

At the moment, Disney Plus only has the first three seasons. This is because the platform doesn’t get full seasons until after they’ve already been shown. In the next few weeks, the Mayans will roar around the corner and join the army.

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We don’t know anything else about Mayans MC season 5. For more TV fun, check out our guides for Season 5 of Yellowstone and Season 3 of Mythic Quest.

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Will FX Renew Mayans MC for a Fifth Season?

Sons of Anarchy’s spinoff Mayans M.C. will have one more season. As Nick Grad, President of Original Programming for FX Entertainment, said at the team’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2022, one month after the end of Season 4 of The Mayans.

At the panel, the creator, Elgin James, said that the decision had been made before Comic-Con, but that it was the first time it was made public. So, people can now watch the next season of the last show and pick up where it left off.

The most interesting thing is that Elgin James and 20th Television, which is a part of Disney Television Studios, both agreed to a new deal that is worth a lot of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Mayans M.C. have a Fifth Season?

During a special screening at San Diego Comic-Con, FX picked up Mayans MC for a fifth season. FX will finally make a great comeback thanks to how well this American Crime drama TV show has been received. Reports say that the fifth season of Mayans could come out in the middle of 2023.

Will EZ Become President in the Last Episode of Season 4?

Yes, EZ will be chosen as President at the end of Season 4. In reality, he got rid of JJ first because he was the only one who knew enough about him to beat him. Alvarez, who wanted to find a way for the Sons and the Mayans to get along, was then comforted by him.

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