Max Verstappen Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, House & More

The net worth of Max Verstappen is $200 million. Max Verstappen’s current F1 team, Red Bull, pays him a salary of $54 million per year. Max Verstappen has surpassed Lewis Hamilton to take the title of the highest-paid racing driver of all time. Max Verstappen became the first Dutch driver to win the Formula One World Championship and is the youngest driver to race in the sport. After agreeing to a contract extension, Max Verstappen will continue with Red Bull at least through the end of the 2028 racing season.

Max Verstappen Net Worth

According to estimates, Max Verstappen is worth $200 million in US dollars. Max Verstappen’s current F1 team, Red Bull, pays him a salary of $54 million per year.

Max Verstappen earned his fourth career pole position at the Bahrain Grand Prix after dominating all of the practise sessions. The 34th Formula One World Drivers’ Champion, Max Verstappen, made a pit stop during the safety car period and used his soft tyres to pass Hamilton at turn 5 of the final lap of the race. Max Verstappen extended his contract with Red Bull Racing for a further five years in March 2022, covering the seasons of 2023–2028.

Net Worth $200 Million
Assets $120 Million
Liabilities & Loans $12 Million
Investments $55 Million
Brand Endorsement Fee $7 Million

Max Verstappen Bio

Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen welcomed Max Emilian Verstappen into the world on September 30, 1997, in Hasselt, Belgium. Victoria is his younger sister. Max Verstappen participated in Formula One for more than a season before turning 18 and receiving his road driving licence. Max Verstappen purchased a Dassault Falcon 900EX aeroplane from Virgin Galactic in November 2020.

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On October 11, 2013, Max Verstappen made his racing debut at the Pembrey Circuit. On January 16, 2014, it was revealed that Max Verstappen would compete in the Florida Winter Series for the first time. 16-year-old Max Verstappen finished third overall in the season after setting records with six straight triumphs, ten victories overall, eight retirements, and one DNS (did not start).
After testing a Formula Renault 3.5 vehicle, Max Verstappen joined the Red Bull Junior Team in August 2014. Max Verstappen joined Toro Rosso with Carlos Sainz as his teammate and entered the sport a year before the new licence restriction, becoming the youngest driver to start a World Championship race.

At the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix, Max Verstappen collided with Romain Grosjean at a high rate of speed after hitting the back of Grosjean’s Lotus on the approach to the challenging Sainte Devote first turn.

Max Verstappen Career

The career of Max Verstappen has been nothing short of extraordinary. Before transitioning to single-seater racing in 2014, he started his racing career in karting, where he won a number of championships. He transitioned from competing in Formula Three to making his Formula One debut with Toro Rosso in just one year.

Verstappen broke the record for the youngest driver in Formula One history when he scored points at the age of 18, and he continued to set milestones with his daring racing and quick reflexes. He was promoted to Red Bull Racing in 2016, and since then, he has impressed with numerous race victories and steady podium finishes.

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The 2016 Spanish Grand Prix was Verstappen’s maiden Formula One victory. He also dominated the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix in front of his home crowd. Verstappen is currently battling seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton for the championship. He is widely considered one of the sport’s most skilled and captivating drivers, with the potential to rank among the all-time greats.

Max Verstappen & Kelly Piquet

Since 2020, Max Verstappen has been dating Kelly Piquet, 33. Nelson Piquet, a Brazilian race car driver and three-time Formula One World Champion, is the father of Kelly Piquet. Kelly Piquet has a daughter with her former boyfriend, Russian Formula One racer Daniil Kvyat.

Max Verstappen Salary

Max Verstappen has a contract with the Red Bull Racing Team that will pay him $54 million in compensation through the year 2028.

Max Verstappen House

Max Verstappen reportedly paid $40 million for an 11,000-square-foot luxury house in Monaco. The home of Max Verstappen includes a home theatre, gaming area, wine cellar, five large bedrooms, and other facilities. Verstappen’s home also features a secret slide passageway, an at-home spa, a lavish beauty salon, a climate-controlled vehicle dealership, and a panic room.

Max Verstappen’s Private Jet

Max Verstappen gave himself a brand-new Bombardier Challenger 3500 private plane just recently. The interior of Max Verstappen’s private jet cost an additional $5 million to renovate, bringing the total value to almost $40 million. The Verstappen private jet has the lowest direct operating costs in its class and a reliability rate of nearly 99.8%. The elements of Max Verstappen’s private aircraft include:

  • Voice-controlled cabin
  • 4K display Televisions
  • Adjustable sweet spot audio
  • Ka-band and 4G ATG internet
  • Haptic touch cabin control switches
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Max Verstappen’s Assets & Investments

Max Verstappen has five real estate properties, eleven cars, and three luxury yachts, according to Forbes. Additionally, there are approximately $50 million in cash reserves in Max Verstappen’s asset portfolio. Additionally, Max Verstappen has a $25 million investment portfolio consisting of 12 stocks. The following is a list of some of Max Verstappen’s stocks.

  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Visa
  • Netflix
  • 3M

Max Verstappen’s Cars

Recently, Max Verstappen spent $3 million USD on a Bugatti Chiron. Additionally, Max Verstappen has a Lamborghini Aventador that he purchased for $1 million USD. Listed below are a few additional vehicles that Max Verstappen owns.

  •  Audi R8
  • Jaguar F-Type
  • McLaren 720S
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG

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