Mattress Mack Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Height, Business, Awards & More

James Franklin McIngvale, better known as Mattress Mack, is a well-known American furniture tycoon from Houston, Texas. His popular Gallery Furniture retail chain is well known. Mack is renowned for his distinctive sales techniques as well. In recent years, he has become well-known for betting a lot of money on sports events, especially Super Bowl games.

Net Worth Of Mattress Mack in 2023

Mattress Mack has a $300 million net worth as of 2023. McIngvale’s immensely profitable store business, Gallery Furniture, is his primary source of income.
He is reportedly making an estimated $500,000 per month, or $25 million annually.
McIngvale current net worth is $300 million, up from $190 million in 2017.


On February 11, 1951, Mattress Mack was born in Mississippi, America. His brother George finally started a real estate business, and he decided Houston was the best city to base it in. George Mack and Mattress Mack both grew up in the same city. After attending Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, he was accepted to Texas State University in Denton. He played collegiate football. After completing his degree, he began working for a stationery company before being unexpectedly fired one day. After that, he was resolved to make a name for himself in society and began making efforts in that direction.

Name: Mattress Mack
Real Name: James Franklin Mclngvale
Gender: Male
Age: 71
Birth Date: 18670
Birth Place: Starkville, Mississippi, United States
Nationality: American
Weight: 62 kg
Height: 1.74m
Parents: George McIngvale, Angela McIngvale
Marital Status: Yes
Wife Name: Linda McIngvale
Children’s: Elizabeth McIngvale, Laura McIngvale, James McIngvale
Girlfriend Name: N/A
Profession: Businesses Man
Net Worth in 2022: $300 Million

Age, Height, and Weight

On January 6, 2023, the current day, Mattress Mack, who was born on February 11, 1951, will be 71 years old. He weighs 62 kg and is 1.74 metres tall.

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What is the name of Mattress Mack wife?

She is Linda McIngvale, the tycoon’s wife. The career of Linda as a producer goes hand in hand with that of her wealthy husband. She is well known for her work on “Good Morning America” (1975). The Westside Tennis and Fitness Club is yet another enterprise that Linda founded. She started the business to help others who were having mental health issues. She only has James, Elizabeth, and Laura, who are all grown up. Her husband’s professional aspirations have her support. They served as executive producers for the 1992 film Sidekicks, which starred Jonathan Brandis and Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris reciprocated by appearing in a number of Gallery Furniture PSA advertisements.

Mattress Mack children

James, Linda, and Mattress Mack’s three children are James McIngvale, Laura, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is Mattress Mack’s cherished child. She is a philanthropist and the founder of the Peace of Mind Foundation. Laura McIngvale is the second child of the business magnate. She is a prosperous businesswoman and owner of the Vince Young Steakhouse and Brick & Mortar Kitchen. The businesses Laura owns are in Texas. She served on the Peace of Mind Foundation’s board of directors.

Business and other ventures

Jim McIngvale character Mattress Mack is renowned for his brisk and animated sales pitches. His renowned line “saves you money!” frequently concludes each of his sales pitches.

The beginnings of McIngvale Gallery Furniture business led to the development of his distinctive sales approach. His firm wasn’t doing well, so he decided to spend the entire $10,000 he had left on a television ad that would air on two Houston stations. When the advertisement was being made, he did not like what he saw. Because of the short time allotted, he became impatient and gave a sales pitch while speaking quickly. This brisk, pertinent advertisement worked well, significantly boosting his sales.
Mattress and Linda, his wife, served as executive producers of the action comedy Sidekicks, starring Jonathan Brandis and Chuck Norris, in 1992. After the movie, Norris appeared in some ads for Gallery Furniture.

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Jim McIngvale discussed the impact of W. Edwards Deming on his business practises in a 1999 speech he gave at the British Deming Association’s annual conference.

Always Think Big was a book that Mattress co-wrote in 2002 with Thomas Duening and John Ivancevich. The book details the highs and lows Mattress Mack experienced throughout his professional career.

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Philanthropic Actions

McIngvale welcomed anyone impacted by the infamous hurricane Harvey into his establishments in 2017.
For those impacted by Tropical Storm Imelda in 2019, Mattress Mack teamed up with Crisis Clean Up to offer free meals and lodging at his store’s North Freeway location.
In 2021, Mattress Mack once again stepped up to the plate during the Texas power outage and winter storms, giving folks a place to stay the night and shelter from the elements at his Gallery Furniture shops. He offered the victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana lodging, food, and other necessities the same year (that mainly hit the Gulf Coast, devastating Louisiana and New Orleans). In order to get supplies to the region, McIngvale also organised a supply drive and caravan.

Political Affiliations

Jim endorsed the Tea Party movement in 2010, contributing to full-page ads and speaking as a guest speaker at Sam Houston Race Park for the North Houston Tea Party Patriots alongside other conservative radio presenters.
Mattress Mack backed Bill King, a conservative candidate, over Sylvester Turner in the 2015 Houston mayoral election. Turner took home the victory. He supported Tuner’s bid for reelection as mayor in 2020.
In 2018, McIngvale supported Republican U.S. Representative John Culberson’s bid for reelection. He also made numerous appearances in his political advertisements. Culberson was defeated by Lizzie Fletcher, a Democrat.

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Sports Gambling

According to rumours, Mattress Mack often bets on several sporting events to balance his in-store incentives.
Jim has recently made headlines due to his wagers on several football events. According to reports, he wagered $4.5 million on the football game to be won by the Cincinnati Bengals. Thanks to this, the highest mobile wager in the history of sports betting is now officially recorded.
McIngvale lost $15.4 million betting on numerous sporting events, including the Patriots’ and Titans’ Super Bowl losses and subsequent elimination.
When the Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs in the Super Bowl last year, “Mack” earned $3.46 million.

Career and Awards of Mattress Mack

Over the course of a long and fruitful career, Mattress Mack has established himself as a notable American businessman. Mack’s impeccable business manners and the phrase “Saves you money!” have earned them both a solid reputation.Mack has also had extraordinary success. Mack made significant investments in advertising in the early years of Gallery Furniture to expand his company. His plan was successful, and Gallery Furniture’s sales immediately rose. In 1992, Mack and his wife worked as producers on the film Sidekicks. The book Always Think Big, which details the highs and lows of his professional business career, was also co-written by him.

Mack works in business and is also involved in politics. He has consistently backed the Congress Party.

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