ControversyReunited the Feud Between Matt Lucas and David Walliams Is Explained

Reunited the Feud Between Matt Lucas and David Walliams Is Explained

After an eight-year feud, the two eventually got back together in 2019. Are they still friends, though? Here is what happened to cause their friendship to deteriorate:

How Did Matt Lucas and David Walliams First Connect?

Early in the 1990s, Matt and David connected at the National Youth Theatre and grew close over their shared interest in humor and impersonation.

On Rock Profile, which began in 1999, they first worked together.

After appearing in numerous TV roles, Little Britain, which ran until 2009, was their big break.

Additionally, they collaborated to develop and star in the 2010–2011 film Come Fly With Me.

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Why Did David Walliams and Matt Lucas Split Up?

2011 saw the end of the pair’s collaboration due to rumors that their friendship had deteriorated.

A stunning battle broke out backstage one night in 2005 when tensions between the two grew during their lengthy Little Britain Live tour, according to Matt’s autobiography.

During the trip, one particular argument over David’s facial hair escalated into a full-blown screaming brawl.

They were “suddenly yelling obscenities at each other,” according to Matt.

While on the Australian leg of the tour in 2007, they fought once more, and despite producing their second show, Come Fly With Me, together, the couple broke up in 2011.

Williams has already sold so many children’s books that he can probably get his own private plane, which will be decked up in pink and have a river within it for him to swim up, Matt also made a number of sarcastic digs at his ex-partner in the book.

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However, it didn’t end there.

When David published his autobiography, Camp David, in 2012, he got his own back.

When asked about his friendship with Matt on Radio 4 during the book’s promotion, he responded, “We’re quite different individuals and presumably seek different things and had different working styles.”

“Well, it’s over for the time being,” he continued. I’m not sure if it’s over for good.

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David Walliams and Matt Lucas, Are They Once More Friends?

The two were spotted together on May 22, 2018, at the funeral of their mutual Hollywood buddy Dale Winton, notwithstanding any issues in the past.

In their sorrow over Supermarket Sweep host Dale, who was a dear friend to both of them, the former pals came together.

The comedy team later reconciled in 2019 following an eight-year feud, much to the pleasure of their fans, and revealed that they were preparing a “big TV comeback.”

In 2019, Matt and David began to collaborate once more, producing a one-off special Little Britain episode called Little Brexit that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4, where the show first debuted in 2000.

The comedic team was spotted together at the theatre in 2019, and Matt later claimed that the two are once again pals.

When people inquire about Little Britain, Matt responds, “I do get asked about it a lot, but what I can say is that David and I are the greatest of friends, and we chat or contact each other every single day.”

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He acknowledged that contemporary technology made it easier for them to communicate.

The two “make each other laugh all the time,” he continued.


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