How Did Master P and Sonya C Split After 24 Years?

Master P just broke the devastating news of Tytyana Miller’s passing. Tytyana was a joint possession of the rapper and his ex-wife Sonya C.

On Monday, May 30, the rapper made the unexpected announcement on his social media accounts. “Our family is experiencing utter anguish over the passing of my daughter Tytyana. In order for our family to grieve, we humbly ask for some solitude, the Louisiana artist wrote.

In this trying time, HITC extends its condolences to Master P’s family and friends.

Many fans have been interested to discover more about Master P and Sonya’s connection ever since the news first surfaced. This is what we do know.

MASTER P divorce

A Search of Master P and Sonya C’s Connection

Before divorcing in 2013, Master P and his ex-wife Sonya C, aka Sonya Miller, were wed for 24 years.

Tatyana was one of seven children born to the couple during their marriage, which began in 1989. Even in 1990, Sonya worked with Master P on a number of his albums, contributing vocals and presenting.

Nevertheless, despite a lengthy union and several professional alliances, the couple’s divorce was contentious.

Sonya requested a $67 million divorce settlement when she filed for divorce in 2013, according to TMZ at the time.

Sonya, a rapper in her own right, insisted that she was entitled to a portion of Master P’s fortune.

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What Caused Master P and His Estranged Wife Sonya C to Disagree?

As per TMZ Sonya’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse, according to Master P, is what caused their relationship to terminate.

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The Rapper Went on To Say that It Had an Impact on Their Kids.

Sonya reacted angrily to the rapper’s comments and accused him of turning their kids against her by brainwashing them. She further asserted that she was not using drugs and that she had never used them in front of the kids.

The rapper additionally addressed the split in public in 2014, saying: “I take fantastic care of all of my kids, and all of their needs are being met in abundance.”

We’re not together because she didn’t want to change with me when I left the ghetto and improved my life.

Later, Master P disclosed that they had resolved their disagreement outside of court in 2016.

The rapper was officially recognized as a soloist in May 2022.

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MASTER P divorce

The Bourbons and Lacs rapper has nine children in total, seven of whom he shares with Sonya.

  • Romeo Miller (1989)
  • Vercy Miller “Young V” (1991)
  • Tytyana Miller (1992 – 2022)
  • Inty Miller (1993)
  • Itali Miller (1999)
  • Hercy Miller (2002)
  • Mercy Miller (2005)
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