What Was the Real Reason Behind Marla Maples and Donald Trump Divorce?

There is arguably no one who knows what the former president is like behind closed doors better than his current and past wives, despite the fact that Donald Trump still garners media attention years after leaving office, particularly with the January 6 committee’s public hearings.

Ivana Trump, a Czech-American businesswoman and former model who was his first wife for 15 years, taught him a lot during their time together, but it wasn’t enough to prepare him for a happy second marriage.

Marla Maples, an American actress, model, and singer, was Donald’s second wife. Their tumultuous courtship, which began while Donald was still married to Ivana, garnered headlines in the 1990s. When word of a Maples and Trump breakup hit the radio, the nonstop media frenzy only intensified.

The former It couple is still being investigated by sleuths who are attempting to figure out what went wrong after six years of dating, almost four years of marriage, and one child. The reasons Donald Trump and Marla Maples ended their marriage, as far as we know, are as follows.

Marla Maples and Donald Trump Came from Different Worlds

marla maples divorce settlement

Marla Maples recognized that she and Donald Trump had separate lifestyles even at their most romantically intense moments. In Cohutta, Georgia, where Maples was born in 1963, 700 people were estimated to live there in 2020, the largest number ever recorded for the place since it was founded. According to Maples in a 1990 interview with Vanity Fair, “I’m like, of the soil, of the country, of a real, firm trust in God.”

Along with discussing her upbringing, Maples spoke to Maximum Ink. “In many respects, life was easy, but it was also packed with fun experiences and close relationships. I remember running after calves through pastures, jumping off a couple of old paint horses, and scaling trees and across creeks.

The way of living was extremely wholesome and natural. My life in Georgia revolved around my family, friends, and church “said she. Trump, who was born in New York and is a native of that state, was the complete opposite of the small-town beauty pageant winner.

Donald and his siblings benefited greatly from the real estate company owned by Trump’s father, Fred Trump, who was a successful businessman himself. Up until she relocated to New York in 1985, Maples had never even seen the city’s streets. Maples didn’t know that kind of riches, despite having lofty career goals.

He represents everything that some people consider to be very materialistic, she said, and I would be happier living out on a farm far from everyone and not being in this concrete world.

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The Pregnancy of Maples Did Not Sit Well with Trump

marla maples divorce settlement

Ivanka Trump, the first daughter of Donald Trump, has received notoriety from her father, who referred to her as his favorite in an interview with New York Magazine. Donald recalled his second daughter, Tiffany Trump, who was born in 1993, 12 years after Ivanka, after acknowledging the “Daddy’s little girl” nickname’s popularity. The sole offspring of Marla Maples, Tiffany is the fourth child of Donald.

“You are aware that Tiffany is the name of the other daughter I have with Marla. She is merely lovely and wonderful, too. It is, however, very distinct. If you have separate wives, it’s kind of… separate, “He spoke to the journal. When talking with controversial radio host Howard Stern on the “Howard Stern Show” in 2004, Donald shared his true thoughts regarding Maples’ pregnancy.

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“I have to say that I’m happy that it did. Tiffany, my wonderful young daughter, “Initiating, he “But back then, it was more like, “Excuse me, what happened?” Well, what are we going to do about this, I asked after that. Are you serious, Maples asked. The most lovely day we’ve ever experienced. Oh, great, I said.”

Making His Empire Grow Was Trump’s Top Priority

It’s understandable that Donald Trump might have been a little too busy to spend much time with their daughter Tiffany Trump given that he was managing a number of casinos, hotels, and housing developments. Donald had his sights set on opening his casinos to the public so that he could generate enough revenue to settle some debts at the time Tiffany was born.

When asked about the experience of raising their daughter, Marla Maples spoke candidly to US Weekly. “Being able to balance being a working mother and being present for a child full-time was, in fact, the challenge. It goes without saying that her father adores her, but I was the parent.

I was her only living, a present parent who was always by her side “She added that she didn’t look back on the experience with regret. “Wonderfully done. With anything in the world, I wouldn’t trade it. Most importantly, I enjoyed myself immensely while learning it.”

Donald already had a book out that expressed his opinions on love and marriage before their divorce was officially finalized.

“It was just Marla, Tiffany, and I, and she was happy. In “Trump: The Art of the Comeback, ” he writes, “I, on the other hand, knew that business needed to be taken care of continually ” (via The Washington Post). Following their divorce, Maples withdrew to California and shunned the spotlight to give Tiffany a relatively ordinary upbringing similar to her own.

The Terms of The Prenup

Donald Trump advertised himself as the wealthiest person in the world, with a net worth of $1.17 billion, in the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Trump was unwilling to give Marla Maples what she had initially requested in the event of a divorce, despite that number.

According to reports, Maples demanded a prenup from the former president for $25 million, but they settled on $1 million if they split up in the next five years, plus an additional $1 million to put toward a house for her.

“The main struggle was always this. There are, however, numerous contributing factors at play. In essence, we agreed that we would agree on something for the first few years, then tear it apart. I believe we have everything he requires now for his business in that way, so. I’ll have everything I need for a real marriage in five years after that “she told Vanity Fair.

Maples reportedly didn’t like prenuptial agreements and put off signing one for a while, but her desire to get married overrode her reluctance. In 1993, after five years had passed, they agreed to renegotiate the terms of the agreement.

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According to a professional who spoke with Vanity Fair, Maples likely didn’t know what she was getting into when she signed up for the program “It’s wonderful, in her opinion, however, I can assure you that either it will be renewed after the initial five years or Trump will be forced out. They will be free to be completely in love after five years, in her opinion.” They split up after almost four years, which Trump found convenient.

Media Outlets Covered Allegations of Cheating by Maples

While Donald Trump was still married to his first wife, Ivana Trump, rumors of a relationship between Marla Maples and Donald Trump circulated. When it came to this particular alleged affair, Donald, who has previously been accused of having affairs (according to Business Insider), wasn’t put under immediate scrutiny.

When Donald’s former bodyguard was discovered with Maples at a beach close to Mar-a-Lago, Maples was the one making headlines. The bodyguard in question was identified by police as Spencer Wagner, who was discovered with Maples in the early morning hours beneath the lifeguard stand.

Maples claimed it was just her taking a bathroom break, while Donald denied anything had happened. Four months following the incident, Donald let Wagner go, though. He [Wagner] said she would try to take him into a bedroom in the house, and she was violent,” claimed Maples’ ex-wife, insinuating that Maples was no helpless bystander.

As time passed, Wagner’s own narrative changed. He initially denied having an affair as well, but later admitted that they had shared a kiss that fateful night. The couple announced their divorce one year later, Donald and Maples.

Their Marriage, According to Maples, Was Founded on A Lie

As of June 1999, Marla Maples and Donald Trump were legally divorced after separating in May 1997. A few months after their divorce, Maples gave an interview to London’s Daily Telegraph, which was then published by the New York Post. In it, Maples explained the reasons behind their separation. Not only did she claim that Trump was never the man she wanted to wed, but she also claimed that the union was “built on an illusion.”

I’m just trying to get as far away as I can, she said, adding that she was relieved to be free of Donald. “The courage to go and remain away came to me at last. I was less inclined to tolerate his behavior when I had children.” In addition, the Daily Telegraph cited Maples’ assessment of her ex-husband as an egotistical obsession (via Newsweek).

Despite failing to specify which specific quotes, a Maples spokeswoman claimed that the Telegraph interviewer had taken them out of context.

The Divorce of Trump and Maples Was Joyful

marla maples divorce settlement

In the days following his divorce from Marla Maples in 1999, Donald Trump made an appearance on the “Howard Stern Show” and gave a subdued response to the topic.

When Stern made the joke that Marla Maples was “great and everything, but I knew Donald would get divorced because too many women [were] throwing themselves at him,” he caused a stir.

However, he coyly responded, “She was really good — a good person… you know, with all fairness, we had a great time,” refusing to either confirm or deny the assertion. “She remained my supporter. I didn’t have the best time of my life in the early 1990s, but because she was there, I was able to get through some difficult times “he said

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When he returned to the program later that year, it appeared that Trump had changed his mind about his praise for her. Recently, Stern claimed, he had been viewing images of Maples and had remarked that she was in pieces. Stern remarked, “You got rid of her at the perfect time. Trump agreed, which is not surprising. Let’s say that I’m very happy because it came just in time.

Combative, According to Maples, Was the Relationship

Marla Maples expanded on the reasons for her failed marriage when she sat down with Access Hollywood’s hosts in 2016. Maples emphasized how different she and Trump were, claiming that they couldn’t possibly complement one another. As justifications for parting ways with the tycoon who prioritized business, Maples cited her Georgia roots, family values, and spiritual development.

Even in the course of their relationship, she admitted that things could get a little “combative.” In conclusion, Maples seemed to be in good spirits as he reflected on their time spent together and praised Trump for having a “positive ability to see the world, make money, and get out there.”

She remarked to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, “Girls, we want to change the men we’re with when we’re in our 20s. We anticipate that love will soften them a bit. It’s safe to assume that Trump could have been just as rigid as Maples claimed based on his previous remarks about her.

In a New York Times article, a reporter who had spoken with Trump stated that he claimed “[Marla] was constantly surrounded ‘by an entourage of dumb Southerners,'” with one of those Southerners allegedly being Maples’ mother, whom he appeared to be mocking by using a Southern accent.

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The Reasons the Marriage Failed Are According to Melania Trump

marla maples divorce settlement

According to rumors, Marla Maples and Donald Trump’s third wife Melania Trump gave her own explanation for why they split up.

In the 2020 book “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” a former friend of Melania, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, describes what Melania is really like and shares several revelations about Donald’s rather reserved leading lady that aren’t known to the general public.

Melania, according to Wolkoff, has her own theories regarding why Donald and Maples’ marriage failed as opposed to her own successful one. In the book, Winston Wolkoff stated that Melania did not put emotional pressure on the man as Marla Maples did.

Also believing herself to be “completely different from his other wives,” Melania, according to Wolkoff. In case Donald decided to get married at any time while they were dating, a source told Vanity Fair that Maples traveled with a wedding gown wherever she went for years. This is only one instance of the purported pressure Donald allegedly experien


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