‘Love Is Blind’ Star Iyanna Tears Up Revealing Divorce From Jarrette Finalized

Iyanna McNeely is becoming emotional as she finalizes her divorce from ex Jarrette Jones. The Love Is Blind season two star revealed her emotions, and the news, in a heartbreaking TikTok about love on Wednesday.

“It is official. Divorce is like, grief,” she replied, wiping away tears. “As much as others joke about how long we were married, I think my expectations made it real. My hope made it real. My work made it genuine. My tears made it real.”

“So, I’m crying for that girl that I was at the beginning of this marriage – because I was so hopeful. I had less baggage. I was optimistic,” she continued.

McNeely and Jones met on season 2 of Love Is Blind and were engaged without ever seeing each other. After spending time living together on-screen, they agreed to be married during the finale of the show. An After the Altar special, taped after their wedding, also showed the pair still wedded.

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However, in August, the couple announced their breakup. They officially filed for divorce in October. At the time, the duo stated life was driving them in “separate directions.”

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Continuing her sad TikTok video, McNeely said: “I’m crying for the marriage I thought could succeed.

I’m crying for the man I thought he was — that man he convinced me he was in the beginning, in between all that very-scheduled filming — there were wonderful times in there. There was connectivity.”

“Then, cameras left and s— struck the wall,” she added, before speaking from a position of power. “But don’t get it twisted. I’m delighted that I’m moving forward. I’m delighted that I’m free of something that no longer works for me, something that sapped the life out of me.”

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She also claimed that the time she spent with Jones brought to several questions, including those that challenged her sense of who she was. “If my husband was unable to recognize the worth in me, then f—-,” the woman said.

In the caption, McNeely revealed some further information, including the goals she had for her former husband.

“That gentleman has my love. I can only speak from my own experiences, but I do have high hopes that Jarrette will mature to the point where he can be truly vulnerable among the people he loves.

I do not have any regrets about it, but rather, I will grow from it and am already doing so.”

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She wrote, “As I continue to process, I’m sure I’ll share more about my marriage on my podcast; however, for the time being, I wanted to offer to those who may be able to empathize.”

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“It’s acceptable if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, whether you’re going through a breakup, a divorce, or just general grieving in general.

It is alright to feel what you are feeling, it is normal to process what you are processing, and it is okay to lean on those who are closest to you. Every event served the purpose of educating, honing, and expanding our horizons. Embrace it.”

Jones delivered a statement to PEOPLE on Wednesday, in which he commented on the news as follows: “As of today, the divorce from Iyanna is officially finalized.

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We’ll keep in touch as friends, and I’ll keep wishing her the very best of everything in the world. I would want to express my gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support and understanding throughout this entire procedure.”

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Iyanna McNeely, frontwoman for Love Is Blind, is “Happy” to be “Moving Forward”
Iyanna claims that soon the cameras stopped running, “s*** struck the wall” between her and Jarrette. She was referring to their relationship.

Iyanna wants her fans to understand that despite her emotional pleas, she is walking away with a lot of joy. Iyanna continued by explaining, “I may be sad right now, but I’m happy that I’m moving forward, and I’m happy that I’m out of something that no longer works for me, something that drained the life out of me.”

Despite her sadness, Iyanna said, “I’m happy that I’m moving forward and I’m happy that I’m out of something that no longer works for me, something that From what it sounded like, the fans were under the impression that Iyanna made an effort to strive toward making the marriage work, but Jarrette was not ready for that level of commitment.

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After getting a negative response from his first pick, Mallory Zapata, Jarrette made his second choice, Iyanna, his choice to make his proposal.

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Even when Jarrette and Mallory eventually met each other in person during the pair’s vacation, sparks flew between them, and their spouses noticed their evident attraction to each other. The vacation was a success for the couple.

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But Jarrette gave Iyanna his word that he loved her and was committed to making their relationship work. He also expressed his interest in spending more time with her. Iyanna and Jarrette came to terms with the fact that they had very different personalities as they were adjusting to living together.

Iyanna was more of a recluse who liked to spend her time at home, whereas Jarrette was more of an extrovert who enjoyed the nightlife and hanging out with his friends.

Iyanna and Jarrette were one of two couples who were married on the Love Is Blind season 2 finale, even though there were several warning signs.

However, by the time the Love Is Blind After The Alter special was shown, Iyanna and Jarrette had already disclosed how difficult it has been for them to navigate the waters of married life.

The couple announced that they were divorcing not long after they finished taping the show. The subsequent announcement that Nick and Danielle were divorcing came not long after, and this caused fans to develop a greater degree of scepticism regarding the marital experiment.

The third season of Love Is Blind just finished recently, and at the end, two of the couples walked away as married couples.

However, the level of cynicism regarding Love Is Blind continues to rise as fans observe how emotionally vulnerable Iyanna is after having her heart shattered by a participant on the show she had previously connected with.

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