Live Football Roulette

Combining the suspense of roulette and the passion of football is originality now available on the best non-GamStop casinos. Killing two birds with one stone is now possible with the Live Football Roulette that developer Playtech had a good idea to bring to the global market in 2018.

With adjustments to the rules, but not to the point of creating new ones as long-lasting as the old martingale, the Internet user can bet even more intensely than on a traditional roulette game while being able to follow the progress of a real football game. Now let’s see what it’s like to play Football Roulette live with a dealer. Click here.

Sports-oriented Casino Games?

To live the excitement of the Champions League championship, there’s nothing like connecting live to Football Weekend Roulette, the game from the “Let’s Play” studio renamed Football Roulette at the end of 2020.

With “Let’s Play” overseen by Playtech, it is the assurance of experiencing the emotions of sport combined with the comfort of the most famous online casino game, a bit as if we were at the same time in the stands of a stadium and inside a hushed gaming house, under the benevolent eye of a real croupier and a webcam!

Playing soccer roulette is like making a combo. Thus, the bets are opened at the same time as the games are made! The hybridization in addition to being ingenious offers us the opportunity of a surplus of gains if we decide to operate several additional sports bets. In any case, information circulates in real time on the matches and tournaments like UEFA offered on the screen. Basically, we dreamed of it, and Playtech did it!

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Multiply your earnings up to x100, in all sportsmanship!

On Live Football Roulette, the experience is highly fun and immersive. Welcome to the land of cleats, and yellow and red cards, all you have to do is put your feet under the table! In front of us, a life-size roulette wheel, and a flesh-and-blood croupier, officiate live. In the background, a giant screen allows us to follow a match simultaneously which is commented on, please, by the dealer in person, which adds fun and movement to the game!

In history, we do not forget the statistics related to sporting events which also parade to give relief to our bets. On the green carpet rolled out like a VIP red carpet, you can also activate the “Goal Side Bet” function next to the number zero! Thanks to this option, you increase your chances of winning at least 7 times, by carefully monitoring the appearance of icons in the shape of footballers’ shirts sometimes superimposed on the draws of 5 numbers.

This is where it all starts with the grouped arrival of winning multipliers ranging from x3 to x100 and responsible for making all the difference for our wallet. Thus, there is something more in common than a ball or a marble launched at random between roulette and football, it is adrenaline!

Playtech, Performances That Are Not New!

Since 1999, Playtech has been adding a sporty touch to the world of iGaming, thrilling past competitors like giant Microgaming! An all-terrain publisher if ever there was one, Playtech is keen to remain competitive in the entertainment sector with more than 600 online gambling games. On all possible and imaginable channels, it does not hesitate to take a step ahead, whether through its IMS system managing information to retain as many players as possible, or through its multi-platform casinos. aiming for completeness: bingo, poker, sports betting , virtual sport, everything is there… or almost!

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With its 6,400 employees in 24 countries, listed on the London Stock Exchange in addition to devoting an entire pole to financial trading, it will be increasingly difficult to dethrone the leading gaming software provider on the planet. And why not make it the theme of a game? If we feel like a good football match in front of our television but without the downtime of the small screen, we now know where to connect to get the best from the casino, without neglecting the spirit of sport!

Play Football Roulette

Anyone who loves football and roulette will enjoy this variant. During the game you can find out about all the major leagues and at the same time play roulette with a live dealer and chat about football with other players.

Here’s how to play soccer roulette in just four easy steps:

  • Choose where to place your bet on the betting table.
  • Enter the stake.
  • Wait for the dealer to throw the ball in the roulette wheel.
  • Wherever the ball lands in a winning slot; all winning bets will be paid.

This game has two perfect functions that are perfectly suitable for advanced players: Lucky Dip and Autoplay. Thanks to the first feature, you can place up to eight random bets with the push of a button. Autoplay sets the game to automatically play up to 500 spins, regardless of the value of your bet. The minimum value you can bet on this game is 0.5 Euro, and the maximum bet on the game is up to 50 Euro.

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Live Football Roulette offers standard roulette payouts. The lowest payout is 1:1 for betting on large groups of numbers or digits (e.g., red, black, even or odd). Column and Dozen bets pay 2:1, line 5:1, corner 8:1, street 11:1, and the highest bet ever is the single number bet which pays out 35:1.

Live Football Roulette Rules

  • One roulette wheel.
  • The payout rate ranges between 97.3% and 98.65%.
  • Target bet: 95.28%.
  • In case of a breakdown, all bets and games are void.
  • RTPs have been fixed.

What is quite special about this game is the live dealer with his skills in both gambling and football. Thanks to the chat function, all participating players can engage in conversations, for example, discuss upcoming games. Playtech roulette rooms are rich in functionality for a unique gaming experience also suitable for mobile players. Non GamStop casinos have optimized websites by default so that all functions are also available on mobile devices.


Playtech has thought and cleverly designed this game for true football fans. There are three key elements to keep in mind — the dealer, the wheel, and the big screen — and upcoming games and results because they are the focus. Superb controls make it easy to implement bet positions and playing style (Euro-French Roulette).

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