Why Did Amy Roloff and Matt Divorce After 27 Years of Marriage?

Fans of Little People, Big World were startled in 2015 when Matt and Amy Roloff revealed their decision to separate after nearly three decades of what appeared to be blissful marriage.

The former couple, who have four children together (twins Jeremy and Zach, Molly, and Jacob), announced their legal separation in a statement while pledging to maintain good relations for the benefit of their kids and their business.

Although she chose to leave her life on the farm behind when she married her new husband, Chris Marek, it is a vow they have kept since their breakup.

Matt withdrew Amy from her position as secretary of their family business effective in 2021 in addition to the fact that she bought her own house in October 2019, In Touch reported on July 20.

Amy and Matt’s Divorce Finalized in 2016

little people big world divorce

The former lovers formalized the divorce in May 2016, more than a year after Amy initially filed for it.

The former husband and wife found it difficult to divide their memories and possessions even though they had been apart for a long time. We have a “your stuff’s yours and my stuff’s mine” agreement. On their reality show, Matt admitted, “I don’t think we have any issues there. It’s a little difficult to divide up 28 years’ worth of possessions. It’s a tedious procedure.

This is difficult, Amy concurred. “We don’t plan for certain things to happen to us in life, but occasionally they occur. It’s simply what is taking place for us right now.

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Holidays Were Trying Times

Since their four children have to split their time between the parents, one of them might find themselves alone on what ought to be a family occasion, neither Matt nor Amy anticipated how challenging their first holiday as ex-spouses would be.

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On one episode of LPBW, Amy mourned, “Going through a divorce, this is actually going to be my first Thanksgiving without anybody here, like no family.” I’ve never had to deal with something like this, so I’m unsure of what to do. Right now in my life, things are difficult.

“We knew [divorce] was going to be painful, but what we didn’t realize is that you have to share your kids with the in-laws,” Matt continued in the same episode.

The Exes Shared Different Views on Commitment

Matt wrote about how he and his ex-wife had very different ideas of what commitment meant in his book, Against Tall Odds, even though they never explicitly mentioned it as a factor in their divorce.

While Amy places commitment at or close to the top of her list, he wrote, “I would place it further down.” “Amy tends to be more of a dedicated-to-a-fault kind of person, whereas I view most obligations as flexible and adjustable with a few very important exceptions,”

Naturally, this statement sparked outrage among fans, and many began to speculate if infidelity had a role in the couple’s breakup. In an unearthed Facebook Live video from May 2020, Amy discussed how Matt appeared to start seeing Caryn Chandler while they were still married and informed viewers of her suspicions of adultery.

For the benefit of their children, Amy and Matt have made a concerted effort to get along despite having their share of disagreements over the years. In November 2019, he even mentioned the value of “family unity” in the caption of a picture.

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Amy and Matt Are Happy with New Partners

Amy became engaged to Chris in September 2019 while Matt has moved on with Caryn, the former farm manager of the family. Since their divorce was finalized. They subsequently got married in August 2021.

I also wished for it, even though I never in a million years imagined being married again! I couldn’t be happier or more pleased now that it’s happening,” the upcoming bride said to People about her September 2019 engagement.

Are Matt and Caryn getting married as well? In April 2020, he made a suggestion that it might happen after a fan urged him to “marry” her since “she’s a gem.”

Amy Tied the Knot on Roloff Farm

little people big world divorce

Amy stated she and Chris chose Roloff Farm as their wedding site after considering their alternatives in a June 2021 edition of LPBW. The author of A Little Me said, “This was challenging, but the farm has a lovely landscape, and we just don’t know what’s going to happen with COVID, so it’s better to have it there.”

Later, Matt displayed the “dream barn” that was being constructed on the site and utilized for the couple’s wedding.

Still optimistic that we can finish this building in time for Amy and Chris to use it at their significant upcoming wedding The father of four stated on July 17 that “I have the best crew imaginable working on it, with the beams still being readied.”

Thankfully, on August 28, the pair eventually exchanged vows in front of 146 of their closest relatives and friends, as reported by People, in August 2021. While the groom chose a suit and tie, the bride looked stunning in a sparkling white ballgown and veil.

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Amy and Caryn Have ‘Come a Long Way

little people big world divorce

The ex-couples have kept their word to remain friendly despite some considerable unpleasantness. The former lovers and their partners have formed a kind of camaraderie over the course of navigating family birthday celebrations and even entertaining Matt and his girlfriend in Amy’s new Oregon home.

Mark and Caryn included flights for Chris and Amy to visit them in Arizona as a wedding gift for them. Even though the ex-couple may have made progress in their marriage, Amy said it’s “not easy” for her to go visit her ex in his new shared home with his girlfriend.

In a June 2022 episode of LPBW, the matriarch said, “There’s just too much history for me.” It’s my ex,” It is his girlfriend, and I don’t want to act as though everything is fine and nothing has happened.

“I don’t think I will ever forget about the past, but I hope I can use the past to establish a good norm,” the author of A Little Me continued.

Regarding her friendship with Amy, Caryn said they had “come a long way.” We’re all adults, she said, “but I suppose there’s a minor component that might be difficult.”

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