10 Life Tips You Should Share With Your Children

life hacks for kids

Although the name “life hack” contains the dubious word “hack,” life hacks are genuinely helpful in nature and don’t require any type of actual technology hacking to function.

Life hacks are useful and feasible by almost anybody, including children, because they save time, free up (or even create) space, need little effort and the simplest of materials to function, and are easy to use.

Children learn more quickly from first-hand experience of life hacks when they are properly supervised by parents.

“Involving your child in mind-stimulating activities, as well as providing support to meet his optimal needs, results in more positive outcomes, including greater school success, healthier behavior, and improved family relationships,” according to Dr. Robert Lehman of the Pediatric Affiliates of Hampton Roads.

Here are just a handful of the countless practical life hacks you may utilize around the house with your kids for added convenience:

1. Hang Accessories from A Hanger.

Make the most of any extra hangers by utilizing them to hang both your own and your children’s accessories.

life hacks for kids

They can be used to hang watches, necklaces, eyewear, and even tethered devices like earbuds for simpler access and less bother. Give your kids a spare carabiner so they can hang up smaller items like rings and ponytail bands.

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2. Use Cardboard Cutouts to Fold Clothing.

You may actually spare your kids the trouble of yanking out their garments carelessly and spare yourself from tidying up the mess that results by using a few cardboard cutouts. Your kids will be able to pull out their garments more readily if you simply fold the clothing around the cutouts and place it vertically.

3. Use the Seatbelt Buckle to Pry Open Bottles.

life hacks for kids

Naturally, taking a road trip with kids requires frequent stops for food and petrol. You can use the seatbelt buckles in your car to instantly open bottles if your children purchase drinks with bottle tops.

4. Use an Old Belt to Wrap Books.

If your children love to bring books on road journeys, you may stop them from fighting with their clothing by putting an old belt around them and fastening it. Your children’s books may save needless wear and tear as a result of the simpler, safer storage provided by this method.

5. Make Use of Smarties Tubes to Store Cords.

Never throw away your kids’ Smarties tubes since they may be used to store charger wires and even earbuds. They can be safely stored by being reused in small spaces like pockets on clothing and travel bags.

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6. Reuse Condiment Shakers as Pet Food or Glitter Dispensers.

Use old condiment shakers to recycle two birds with one stone. You’ll allow your kids to have more mess-free fun while also making room in your cupboard. They can be used as pet food bowls by people with little creatures like hamsters or goldfish, and by young artists to decorate their works of art with glitter and confetti.

7. Use a Piece of Bread to Pick up Glass Pieces.

life hacks for kids

Kids make mistakes. They consistently break stuff around them for whatever reason. Mopping up the glass shards with a piece of bread will aid in their cleanup of the broken glassware. The fragments will stick to it quickly, making it easier for you and your children to pick up any little pieces. Don’t forget to give your kids some gloves to wear when helping them clean up a disaster like this since their safety should always come first.

8. Place Significant Notices on The Door.

Posting reminders on the front door will assist your children in remembering whatever they might have forgotten to do or bring before they leave the house. They can then locate the notes and quickly review them before leaving the house. Nevertheless, make sure they leave the house through the front door.


9. Use a Straw to Avoid a Knotted Necklace.

Use plastic straws for your children’s accessories, such as necklaces, to stop them from learning the hard way what a Gordian knot is. When putting things away in the dressers, you can avoid a necklace chain winding itself up by putting one end of it inside a straw.

10. Use a Small Amount of Toothpaste to Remove Scratches.

If your kids unintentionally scratched a glass surface, such as the screen of a mobile device, assist them by dabbing some toothpaste onto it. When you wipe away the toothpaste to see that the scratch has disappeared, you’ll sort of amazing them with a magic trick.


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