Lena Waithe Faces Backlash Over Graphic Scenes and Aziz Ansari Sexual Misconduct Claim!

In an interview broadcast on Thursday, “The Chi” creator Lena Waithe discussed her reaction to the misconduct charges leveled against Jason Mitchell on the radio program “The Breakfast Club.”

Mitchell was let go from “The Chi” after charges of sexual harassment were made by showrunner Ayanna Floyd Davis and cast member Tiffany Boone. Aside from losing all of his representation, the actor was also let go from the “Desperados” Netflix feature.

In the interview, Waithe indicated that she learned about the charges after production on the first season of “The Chi” had ended and that she took preventative and corrective actions at that time.

According to her, she approached the actor about the allegations and noted that the set had mandatory training on sexual harassment.

Lena Waithe’s ‘them’ Has Drawn Criticism for Its Depiction of Graphic, Racially Motivated Violence

lena waithe controversy

Waithe, who may be best known for writing and performing on the Netflix series Master of None, only executive produced two episodes.

She only served in that capacity for the final two episodes of the series, “Covenant II” and “Day 10,” the former of which features the eye-gouging sequence. In addition to the highlighted passages, she is not acknowledged for the fifth episode of Them.

While Waithe isn’t specifically mentioned in the section of the review that has some fuming on Twitter, the review does credit the Emmy winner as one of the series’ executive producers after mentioning Amazon’s decision to renew the show for a second season.

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However, Waithe has received criticism from Twitter users, most of whom have a problem with the scenes. On Twitter, she has been described as “unwell” by one user who has also inquired about her upbringing and creative influences and as “sick & twisted” by another.

Regarding Aziz Ansari’s Sexual Misconduct Accusation, Lena Waithe Speaks Out

lena waithe controversy

Actress and author Lena Waithe discussed the sexual assault allegation against Master of None co-star Aziz Ansari and the significance of the Times Up movement in a recent interview.

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During a date at his house, Ansari was accused of trying to force the woman to engage in sexual activity against her will. Following the woman’s account of her meeting with the Master of None actor,

Ansari addressed the claim in a public statement, saying that he “took her comments to heart” and had a private conversation with his accuser.

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