Full Clip from The Shop Where Le Bron James Claims It’s Difficult to Picture Himself in Brittney Griner’s Shoes

LeBron James finds it difficult to put himself in Brittney Griner’s position.

The Lakers player, 37, provides additional context for his remarks about Griner, 31, who has been held in Russia since February on suspicion of drug smuggling, in a brand-new clip from Friday’s edition of Uninterrupted’s The Shop that was shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

This week, James faced backlash after a brief clip of his remarks on Griner, in which he asks, “How can she feel like America has her back?” were shown. and declares, “I would be wondering if I even wanted to return to America.”

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In a longer version of the clip, media personality Maverick Carter first informs Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya of the WNBA star’s predicament. Carter continues, “There’s a woman named Brittney Griner who’s an excellent basketball player and an amazing person. She was playing in Russia when the war started, and on her flight home, they stated she had some hash, which is prohibited in Russia. Le Bron James then adds, “almost 110 days” later, she has been held.

It’s very f—ked up, says Carter, what’s happening. And even though the WNBA season has already begun, she hasn’t returned, James continues.

Rashid Johnson, a musician, interrupts with “She’s a superstar.” “This is the LeBron of the WNBA,” someone said. “We’re talking the top of the top.”

The co-creator of the show, Paul Rivera, then inquires as to whether James has ever considered what it would be like if he were in this predicament. He says, “I tried to picture it, but I can’t even put myself in what she’s going through.

He continues, “She’s such a lovely human being, a great person. “If you are from a particular area, you always have the impression that people are looking out for you. And how could she possibly believe that America has her back at this point? If I had been away for more than 130 days and felt like I had made no effort, would I even want to return to America?”

The Los Angeles Lakers player addressed his remarks on Twitter on Tuesday in response to criticism.

James clarified in a tweet that he “wasn’t attacking our lovely country” and that “I was only describing how she’s probably experiencing emotionally along with so many other feelings, thoughts, etc. within the cage she’s been in for over 100+ days”

Short version: #BringHerHome, he concluded.

In yet another Tweet, he added, “#FreeGB.”

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The episode was “filmed 6/24 before the administration’s recent engagement and important actions to bring BG home,” according to The Shop’s Instagram post that included the clip.

The Shop was established, according to its founders, “to have the genuine dialogues happening in our neighborhood, UNINTERRUPTED.” “This one got people talking, and we want to keep them talking about it. For BG, the louder we can get, the better.”

Since Griner’s arrest, James has been an outspoken supporter of her. The WNBA player admitted to carrying cocaine into Russia and said she did so “unintentionally,” but she still faces up to 10 years in prison.

James tweeted in June that Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden “demand” that Griner is sent home safely.

The Los Angeles Lakers player tweeted on behalf of his business, Uninterrupted: “As a decorated Olympian and member of an elite global sports community, BG’s imprisonment must be handled out of respect for the sanctity of all sport and for all Americans traveling worldwide.” “The U.S. Government must act swiftly to solve this human rights violation and take whatever steps are necessary to bring Brittney home.”

LeBron James: It's 'Hard' to Imagine Being in Brittney Griner's Situation

As he shared a Change.org petition to “Secure Brittney Griner’s Swift and Safe Return to the U. S.,” he stated, “Join us in demanding that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris return Brittney home swiftly and safely by taking action immediately.”

“We must get together and do all within our power to promptly and safely return BG home!” stated James. “Our collective voice as athletes is stronger.”

Friday, July 15 at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET, the most recent episode of The Shop will premiere exclusively on the Uninterrupted YouTube channel.

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