Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery New Pics: Everything You Need To Know About Jeff Bezos Girlfriend!

In case you weren’t aware, Lauren Sanchez is a renowned American journalist who focuses on covering entertainment. The media celebrity is also a talented actor.

People in this day and age not only admire her work but also adore her beauty. Even the possibility that the celebrity underwent plastic surgery to maintain her attractiveness has been conjectured by others.

Early Life

Lauren Wendy Sánchez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on December 19, 1969. Lauren’s father was a flying instructor, which significantly contributed to her early fascination with aviation.

She mostly lingered around the hangar bays in her early years, watching various pilots and aircraft. When she was a young child, she first developed an interest in her father’s passion for restoring historic aircraft.

Actually a New Mexican, Lauren Sanchez finally attended El Camino College in California.
During her time in college, she became very interested in journalism. She started writing for the campus newspaper and eventually won a scholarship to the University of Southern California.

She then majored in communications and spent her days in school and working as an intern at a nearby news station. Sánchez eventually graduated with a degree in communications.

Lauren Sanchez Is Preparing for Plastic Surgery

In the comments section of the outlet’s story, online users began attacking the journalist for the alleged cosmetic procedure she had received.

She has had her lips pumped, her face pulled once more, her enamel covered, and her hair colour changed. Her cheeks were also pumped. “An L.A. requirement,” a patron ridiculed.
Another went on to describe her face as “a freak present” and even made fun of the fact that her partner was wealthy in their conversation.

With all that money, is that the best he can do? They wrote, “LOL.”

Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery Rumors

The accusations peaked when she was pictured with billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos. Several news sources claim that the two are currently together in a committed relationship. The actress’s notoriety grew as a result. Anyone who looked at her photos couldn’t help but notice that she had undergone facial surgery.

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Everyone started looking at the host of “The View” closer and asking questions about her facial features. For any celebrity, plastic surgery is big news, but the gossip regarding the girlfriend of one of the richest people on earth just won’t go away.

She clearly appears to have had surgery based on her images. Her scowls and skin tone on her face seem less realistic in some ways. In order to respond to the question of what plastic surgeries she received, we are unable to confirm any particular type of cosmetic surgery. She might have had a Botox shot to keep her looking young.

The 51-year-old is charged with getting many cosmetic operations done.
It’s also necessary to think about facelifts, lip fillers, and breast implants. The 51-year-cessary to think about facelifts, lip fillers, and breast implants. The 51-year-old’s face appears to have undergone extensive cosmetic enhancement. Lauren and the former CEO of Amazon attended the LACMA film festival, where Lauren’s appearance received harsh criticism as well.

Through Lipstick Alley, the general public voiced their own opinions, stating that the news anchor’s face looks fake and has undergone plastic surgery. Some have even asserted that she underwent cosmetic surgery that made her look less attractive.

The actress may have received the treatments, but it has not yet been confirmed. If new information is made accessible, take note of it.


After interning at a local news station in Los Angeles, Lauren received her college degree and immediately began working as an anchor and reporter at a CBS affiliate in Phoenix. She next succeeded in landing a job with “Extra,” the popular entertainment programme, as a correspondent.

Sanchez then changed courses once more, concentrating on sports journalism and securing a position with Fox Sports Net.

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While presenting shows like “Going Deep,” she garnered her second Emmy nomination. She was a reporter for FSN’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period” during this time.

By the late 1990s, Sánchez was ready to return to the mainstream news sector, and she received an Emmy for her work with UPN 13 News.
During this period, she appeared on a number of shows, with “The View” likely being the most prominent.

In the end, she finished second in this contest. In 2005, she saw yet another huge advancement in her career after being selected as the new “So You Think You Can Dance” host. To spend more time with her new baby, she did, however, depart the show after just one season

Personal Life

Lauren Wendy Sánchez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, into a second-generation Mexican-American family. Sánchez has a son named Nikko, who was born in 2001, from her relationship with retired NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez.
In August 2005, she married Patrick Whitesell, a Hollywood agent and founder of the Endeavor talent agency. Two children, Evan (born in 2006) and Ella (born in 2008), were born to Sanchez and Whitesell.

The National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media, Inc., was accused of attempting to extort and blackmail Jeff Bezos over his alleged relationship with Sánchez in a blog post from February 2019.

In April of that year, Sanchez and Whitesell filed for divorce, which was ultimately granted in October. As of 2020, Sanchez is usually referred to as Bezos’ girlfriend.

Jeff Bezos

The millionaire creator of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie, made the news of their divorce public on January 9, 2019.

Later that day, it was asserted that Jeff and MacKenzie breakup was caused by Lauren. Bezos and Sanchez have reportedly been dating covertly for up to a year, according to insiders.
Even Bezos hired Sanchez to fly a helicopter and record aerial footage for his Blue Origin space exploration firm. After learning that the Trump-affiliated National Enquirer was going to publish a significant exposé on the couple that featured photographs, Jeff reportedly announced his divorce.

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A Controversial Life: Lauren Sanchez

Jeff Bezos claimed in 2019 that American Media, Inc. tried to extort and blackmail him because of his suspected affiliation with Sánchez. He wrote about the specifics of this occurrence in a widely read blog article, despite the fact that no criminal or civil proceedings had been brought as of 2021.

Lauren Sanchez Real Estate

Patrick and Lauren spent $11 million on a Beverly Hills home in 2006. They bought the empty lot next door in 2017 for $4.5 million in order to increase the size of their home.

The late director Tony Scott spent $800,000 on the house in 2003. The house was purchased by the Whitesell/Sanchez family for $4.85 million after being sold by Tony’s widow to a developer for $2.85 million.

The profit from holding the lot for one week is two million dollars. Patrick and Lauren must have really wanted it! It was revealed that Bezos and Sánchez had bought a “vast” house in Hawaii together in November 2021.

The co-founder of a significant energy company once lived in the mansion, which is situated on the coast of La Perouse Bay in Maui. On a secret basis, Bezos and this person completed a $78 million deal. The main house is 4,500 square feet in size and sits on 14 acres of land.

There is also a separate guesthouse, measuring 1,700 square feet. There is a 700-square-foot pool on the property as well. Teak decks, outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, and spectacular ocean vistas are all elements of the main home. An added draw is a private beach with fine white sand.

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