DivorceLa La Anthony Discusses Her "Very Difficult Decision" to Divorce Carmelo Anthony!

La La Anthony Discusses Her “Very Difficult Decision” to Divorce Carmelo Anthony!

La La Anthony is reflecting on her split from Carmelo Anthony and planning her future romantic life. As part of The Hollywood Reporter’s Emerging Hollywood series, the BMF star sat down with Charlamagne Tha God for a candid conversation in which she discussed her work, personal life, and romantic relationships.

In June, after 11 years of marriage, the Power actress requested a divorce from her spouse Carmelo, alleging irreconcilable differences.

It was their second breakup in recent years; they had previously split up in 2017 after allegations of infidelity but later sought to reunite. Kiyan, who is 15 years old, is the couple’s only child.

La La acknowledged that it was “a lot of strain” to be in a well-known relationship for so long while recounting the difficulties of their union. “It is always good when it is. When it’s terrible, it’s bad, “said she.

“Because everyone has something to say about it when it’s horrible… I started out because I adored this person. I was leading by example. There was nothing else I was doing to lead.”

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The former MTV VJ responded that she “didn’t believe that was going to happen,” despite acknowledging that numerous people had questioned what she anticipated from being married to a basketball star.

So, it occurred, and it was a learning experience, and it’s just another chapter in my life that I can learn from, she continued, saying that she could never regret the challenging chapters of her marriage because it provided her “my greatest gift, which was my kid.”

Although the actress acknowledged that choosing to file for divorce was “an exceedingly painful decision,” she later realized that “there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.” She stated that, regardless of how difficult the situation may be, staying in a committed relationship is easier than ending it.

“Leaving on your own and attempting to reassemble your life by yourself… I was with him when he was 19 since it is all I have ever known “She carried on. “It wasn’t the simpler choice, but I had to pick one for myself.

Stepping away from that and attempting to construct my own life while maintaining my sanity and maintaining normalcy for my son, who had only known his mom and his dad together, wasn’t an easy one. Wow, I could accomplish anything if I could do that, one could think at this point.”

According to the actress, the two are now successfully co-parenting. “We strive to set a good example for our son. We speak with him informally.

He hears us say, “You were made from love,” “said she. “We still carry out activities as a family. My goal is to prevent my son from developing a negative opinion of his parents. He is examining us as a model.”

“I do not want him to be in unhealthy relationships. In that regard, I want him to improve “She added. “The thing that saddens me the most is that, despite my best intentions, I wasn’t always able to set a better example for my son than what I saw.

I’m not to blame, but I wanted things to turn out differently for him. He reached an age where he could see and read everything. And while it still bothers me that I wasn’t able to completely protect him from that, I attempt to make up for it by being honest with him and continuing to demonstrate a loving co-parenting arrangement in our home.”

La La took sure to clarify that although she was upset, she didn’t feel guilty. “Since I accomplished nothing, I never felt humiliated. I didn’t have to carry that weight “said she. “I was sorry he had to experience that.

That I had to experience it in public while maintaining my grin… But I had to; what was I going to do? Die? I had to rehabilitate myself and live on. My life is full of promise. This was not going to destroy me. However, there were times when you questioned how you would recover from this. Hard going.”

La La expressed hope that she will one day find love again but said she isn’t “the most certain about it.”

“I think occasionally that perhaps I’m just not cut out for it. Maybe I’d want to have a fantastic son and a fantastic career, you know?” said she. “I sincerely hope it will, but I’m also in a position where, even if it doesn’t, I’ll still enjoy myself. My pals are wonderful. My family is fantastic. My resources are adequate.

I would adore it. However, the options are limited. In a way, being damaged makes it difficult to trust, although I’m in counseling. I have my own problems to deal with, therefore I’d love to find love, a friend with whom to have fun, and someone I can count on.”

At the celebrity-studded launch party for her first-ever, size-inclusive collection with PrettyLittleThing, ET chatted with the actress and TV personality, and during our conversation, she opened up about starting a new chapter in the new year.

lala anthony divorce

“My main priorities are loving myself and looking after myself. Kiyan, my 14-year-old son, is in high school and is obviously my priority, but I’m really just trying to get to know who I am and what I enjoy doing “She divulged. I kind of want to make it a little bit about myself this year since it has always been about everyone else but me.

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We’ll see what happens, La La said when asked about potential new relationships in 2022. She did, however, discuss what she is seeking in a companion, stating that she wants someone to laugh, enjoy themselves, and have fun with; she also wants someone who is “calm and easy because that is pretty much my mentality.”

She won’t, however, be asking her son for assistance since she claims he is “too protective” and wouldn’t make a good wingman. When my son is around, absolutely no one may sit next to me, she said.

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