ControversyKyrie Irving's Heated Press Conference Defends Controversial Social Media Posts!

Kyrie Irving’s Heated Press Conference Defends Controversial Social Media Posts!

With regard to his comments about the flat earth, Kyrie Irving has received all kinds of criticism and jeering. Irving has been given a month to change his mind, but he doesn’t seem willing.

Irving stated on the Road Trippin’ podcast (h/t James Herbert of CBS Sports) that “it’s OK to think something that, I assume, the majority wouldn’t think.”

“I simply didn’t like that we were allowed to celebrate our uniqueness and the things we ultimately held dear and that we shouldn’t be punished just because we don’t share the majority’s or the world’s viewpoints.

“Just the fact that it’s acceptable to hold one belief is the only thing I felt was misconstrued. It’s acceptable to have your own opinions, to be able to think clearly, to be functional, and to be able to articulate those opinions to others.

During a podcast appearance last month, Irving made the first mention of his flat-earth theory.

“It’s right in front of our eyes, I assure you. They tell us lies “Says Irving “Beyond what they are telling us, there is no other specific information. They are pointing out to you just what you should believe and what you shouldn’t. You only need to look for it to find out what is really true.”

During All-Star weekend, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard was frequently made fun of on Twitter and swiftly rose to trending topics. A “flat world champions” t-shirt was worn by Richard Jefferson as Irving’s teammates stood up for him and made fun of the situation:

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Neil deGrasse Tyson, a well-known scientist, also voiced his opinion.

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Let me be straightforward,” Tyson told TMZ. “You should have the freedom to think and speak whichever you like since we live in a free nation. As long as he keeps playing basketball and doesn’t take a leadership position at any space agencies, he is free to believe that the Earth is flat.”

With regard to the response, Irving was a little perplexed.

Just from the response it received, Irving thought it was somewhat humorous. “That’s where we discussed this right there, before the All-Star weekend.

The discussion about the flat Earth vs the round Earth was brought up because we thought it would be hysterical coming into All-Star weekend. Aliens. no rumors of conspiracies.

As a result, I am noticing that various news outlets and individuals are picking up the story while I am at All-Star weekend.

I had the impression that I was leaning back and forth on top of a pendulum, which allowed everyone an opportunity to observe me and, if they disagreed with me, toss pebbles at me. To the effect of “no, he can’t believe this.”

Nevertheless, Irving did state that he was pleased that his remarks sparked a discussion that helped some members of the public become more informed. The world is flat, however, and he doesn’t seem to be interested in changing his mind about that.


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