Ashley Busch, The Wife of Nascar Driver Kurt Busch, Has Filed for Divorce.

Kurt Busch, a NASCAR driver, and his wife Ashley Busch are divorcing each other after a little over five years of marriage. See more information about the couple’s divorce below.

Kurt Busch, a NASCAR racer, and his wife Ashley Busch have reached the end of their journey.

Ashley filed for divorce in Florida earlier this month, according to court records acquired by E! News on May 18. She claimed that the marriage was “irretrievably destroyed,” among other things. She also claimed in her filing that her now-divorced husband “committed a tortious act.” Ashley, who married Kurt in January 2017, made no mention of the accusation in detail.

Ashley said that Kurt “shut off her access to their joint banking account, credit cards, and all other kinds of support” at the beginning of April, which brought their relationship to a head. Additionally, she said that Kurt “demanded she leave the family house by the first week of June, even though he has another property in which he can dwell.”

Kurt stated E! News after learning of their breakup. To confirm that he and his wife, Ashley, are trying to end their marriage, he added, “I am heartbroken.” I hope our privacy will be respected because divorce is a sensitive and private affair.

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Ashley’s attorneys were contacted by E! News for comment, but they have not responded.

Ashley posted a snapshot of her and Kurt on her social media accounts to mark their fifth wedding anniversary, which occurred this past February. She captioned the February 8 Instagram image, “Five years ago, we were married on this special island. Our hearts are with you, St. Barts.

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Kurt talked about their destination wedding and referred to it as “beautiful” after the couple said their vows in 2017.

In an interview with People, he said, “Ashley and I chose our favorite island, giving the perfect beach scene and surrounded by our closest loved ones.” We wanted to share our little piece of heaven with everyone, and Eden Rock in St. Bart stands alone as our favorite site to visit. Additionally, Ashley said that the wedding was “really a fantasy.”

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