Kim Kardashian’s ‘Cold’ Home Compared to ‘Psych Ward’

Fans slammed Kim Kardashian’s home decor skills after she posted the “things at home that make me happy”. Kim Kardashian owns a lot of stunning houses in prime locations. Following her divorce from rapper Kanye West, the reality television star currently resides in her Hidden Hills mansion in Los Angeles with her four children.

She won sole ownership of the home. The enormous home features two kitchens, two pantries, multiple freezers, and a gigantic walk-in refrigerator.

Since the reality TV star frequently shares her personal life on social media, she did the same on Tuesday, November 29 by showing her followers the rooms and interior of her Los Angeles home. Unfortunately, she was mocked for the decor rather than commended for it.

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Kim Kardashian’s Home Decor

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian posted a photo captioned “things at home that make me happy”.

The 42-year-old “Kardashians” star turned to Instagram to post various images of her residence. In one photograph, she displayed her bedroom’s white and grey marble walls.

Tony Dungys wife 4

On a grey stone wall, an enormous artwork with a blue dot in the center was photographed in a split second.

She shared a series of snaps including one of a plain, pale grey teacup and saucer, and one of a plain, pale grey living room.

One photograph appeared to depict her living area, which was furnished with similar chairs and sofa, a throw blanket, and a rug. The walls and everything else in the room were the same hue.

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And in two of the photos, she previewed the elements of her house that are now under construction, including two stone ottomans and a schematic for a brown-themed room.

Kim Kardashian Received Several Comments from Fans

Following her post, some followers criticised her interior design skills, comparing her residence to a “jail.”

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  • “I felt chilly while viewing this,” said one popular comment.
  • Another commenter wrote, “That is such a depressing-appearing home.”
  • Someone else stated frankly, “Kimberly, there are cosier prisons than this one,” while another added, “It’s solitary confinement.”
  • Even other users compared her residence to a prison.
  • Another person commented, “It seems like you live in hell, Kim,” while another compared it to a “psych institution.”
  • “I would feel like I’m sleeping in a morgue” was how someone described the bedroom made entirely of marble.
  • “Looks like you live in hell Kim,” another user added, while someone else compared it to a “psych ward.”
  • “I would feel like I’m sleeping in a morgue in that bedroom,” someone wrote of the all-marble bedroom.
  • Of course, plenty of fans swooned over the “stunning” simplicity of her interiors, but others had less flattering assessments to offer.

Kardashian’s 9-Year-Old Daughter Dubs the Home “Ugly.”

However, her 334 million Instagram followers are not the only ones who criticise her mansion. The business magnate previously disclosed that North West, her 9-year-old daughter, routinely describes the residence as “ugly.”

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“Every time I have a quarrel with my daughter North, she interprets this as an insult and says, ‘Your house is so awful. It is all white. Who lives like this?'” she asked on an October episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

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