ControversyKevin Spacey Controversy: All the Claims Made Against Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Controversy: All the Claims Made Against Kevin Spacey

In his second court appearance in London last month, Kevin Spacey entered a not guilty plea to the several sexual assault charges he is facing there.

The alleged crimes, which include four counts of sexual assault against three men and one count of inciting another person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent, allegedly took place between 2005 and 2013 in Gloucestershire and London, England, while Spacey was serving as artistic director of London’s Old Vic Theater.

Spacey, whose lawyer has previously stated that he “strenuously denies” all criminal claims, was granted unconditional release in June and claimed, “I am convinced I will prove my innocence,” on Good Morning America prior to his initial court appearance.

kevin spacey controversy

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Over 30 men have come forward with accusations since 2017 when actor Anthony Rapp claimed that Spacey, who was then playing in Netflix’s House of Cards, had sexually assaulted him when he was 14 years old. These allegations range from nonconsensual groping to the attempted rape of minors.

Spacey, 62, initially reacted to Rapp’s allegations with a muddled apology letter in which he came out as gay (a tactic that many criticized for conflating homosexuality and pedophilia) and claimed not to remember the incident, writing on Twitter: “If I did behave then as [Rapp] describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him He withdrew from public life, claiming to be seeking “assessment and treatment,” according to a representative who spoke to Variety.

Nevertheless, he has sporadically reemerged throughout the years to promote film comebacks and make strange justifications on YouTube and Twitter.

Meanwhile, his U.K. is facing more accusations and legal action. Beginning in June 2023, the trial is scheduled. And now, a Los Angeles judge has decided that Spacey must compensate the creators of House of Cards for losses sustained after he was sacked in 2017 for allegedly harassing several crew members sexually with approximately $31 million. This is what we do know.

kevin spacey controversy

When Rapp Was 14 Years Old, He Said Spacey Made a “sexual Advance.”

After a 1986 party at Spacey’s house, Rapp claimed to BuzzFeed in October 2017 that Spacey made “a sexual advance.” Rapp asserted that Spacey scooped him up, placed him on his bed, and then lay on top of him after the other guests left. “I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually,” Rapp stated.

Rapp and an unnamed accuser sued Spacey for civil sexual assault in 2020, requesting damages for extreme emotional suffering. According to Reuters, Spacey “categorically” disputed Rapp’s charges in court documents and asked for the civil complaint to be dismissed.

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The judge rejected this request, but the judge did not rule on the legal claims of the second accuser. In October, a federal court in New York will hear Spacey’s case.

A flurry of other accusers came out in the wake of Rapp’s allegations.

When He Was 14 Years Old, the Complainant, Who Wished to Remain Unnamed, Claimed They Had Intercourse.

In 1983, when he was 14 and Spacey was 24, the unnamed artist told Vulture that Spacey wanted a sexual relationship with him.

The artist, who claimed he first met Spacey when he was a 12-year-old acting student and Spacey was a guest teacher, claimed they had a few encounters in New York and that Spacey frequently made him promises about career opportunities that never materialized: “He was telling me that there were producers who were really interested in me as an actor and that he wanted to get me auditions,” the artist said.

The artist claimed the connection ended in an “attempted rape”; Spacey’s attorney has said he “totally denies” all of these allegations. The accuser was dismissed from the civil action he brought against Rapp in 2021 because he wouldn’t give his name during judicial hearings.

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When the Man Was 17 Years Old, an Unnamed Individual Accused Spacey of “grooming” Him.

According to an unnamed victim who spoke to the BBC, Spacey was sleeping on top of him when he woke up in 1985 when the accuser was 17 and Spacey was in his mid-20s.

The accuser claimed he had first met Spacey at a summer theatre the year before and that the two had exchanged letters before Spacey invited him to spend the weekend in New York City, where Spacey allegedly touched the accuser’s thigh and turned touchy “in a way I certainly wasn’t interested in,” according to the accuser.

One night, the accuser claimed Spacey asked him to share the bed, but the accuser refused, choosing to sleep on the sofa instead. The complainant claimed that when he awoke, Spacey was on top of him “in his underwear,” and that it appeared as though Spacey was grooming him.

When Kate Edwards Was 17 Years Old, She Claimed that Spacey Forced Her to Have Intercourse with Him.

Kate Edwards, a teacher of performing arts in London, said to the BBC that in 1986, when she was a 17-year-old assistant on a production of Long Day’s Journey Into Night starring Spacey, Spacey forced her into having sex.

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When Edwards arrived at the empty apartment where Spacey had invited her to a birthday party, the two shared a consensual kiss before Spacey allegedly escalated the situation. I felt under pressure and said, “I want to go home and change,” but it soon became obvious that he wanted to have sex with me, according to Edwards. Find your own way, he said as he grew icy.

When Justin Dawes Was 16 Years Old, Spacey Allegedly Provided Him Booze and Played Gay Pornography for Him.

When Justin Dawes was 16 and Spacey was 29, according to Justin Dawes’ account to BuzzFeed, Spacey made sexual approaches.

Dawes, a high school junior interested in acting at the time, and a male friend were allegedly invited to Spacey’s residence in New Haven, Connecticut, on the pretense of viewing Chinatown, but Spacey allegedly offered the men alcohol and played gay pornography instead. He was aware of my high school status.

The situation felt “sleazy and manipulative,” but not “intimidating or pushy,” Dawes said, adding that he left with his friend. After Dawes testified in a deposition for Rapp’s lawsuit, Spacey filed a motion requesting that Dawes reveal the name of his friend, which a federal court judge granted earlier this year.

In West Hollywood, According to An Unnamed Accuser, Spacey Assaulted the Man Sexually.

2018 saw the L.A. The County Sheriff’s Department disclosed that it was looking into the claims made by an unnamed victim that Spacey had sexually assaulted him in West Hollywood in 1992. In the end, prosecutors decided against bringing charges because they believed the case had beyond the statute of limitations.

On a Film Shoot, an Unnamed American Director Claimed that Spacey “sexually Harassed” Him.

According to the BBC, an unidentified American filmmaker who was a junior crew member on the set of Albino Alligator in 1995 at the age of 22 claimed that Spacey had harassed him sexually.

The director of the movie, Kevin Spacey, allegedly sat next to the filmmaker on one of the final days of filming and “put his hand on my thigh and moved it towards my inner thigh,” according to the filmmaker, who also claimed, “I was getting the attention of the most powerful person on the movie set, and I wanted to work in Hollywood.

However, it was a passion that left me feeling utterly unsettled, confused, and harassed—sexually harassed.

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Spacey’s Aide Allegedly Invited Mark Ebenhoch to “engage in A Sexual Act” with Spacey, According to Ebenhoch.

During the production of Spacey’s 1995 movie Outbreak, Mark Ebenhoch, a military advisor, asserted that Spacey referred to his young male aides as his “harem” and that one of them once requested him to visit his trailer and “flat out engage in a sexual act” with Spacey. According to Ebenhoch, who declined, the encounter “blew me away,” as he told BuzzFeed.

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kevin spacey controversy

At a British Club, a Journalist Said Spacey Touched His Genitalia.

An unnamed reporter who spoke with Spacey in the early 2000s for a London magazine said to BuzzFeed that Spacey had inappropriate behavior toward him at the club where they went after the interview.

When the writer attempted to leave, Spacey allegedly began “screaming at me with wrath because I didn’t want to fuck him,” adding that he was literally accusing him of being a coward and that he was reaching between my legs and simply seizing my dick. That was a ploy. It was incredible.

Tony Montana, a Director, Claimed that Spacey “grabbed My Complete Package” in A Los Angeles Pub.

According to filmmaker Tony Montana, Spacey touched him in a Los Angeles pub in 2003. When Montana went to order a drink, Kevin approached her and gave her his arm. “He was telling me to leave the bar with him and follow him. “This symbolizes ownership,” an inebriated Spacey allegedly told Montana, putting his hand on his crotch and grabbing his entire package.

At an After-Party, British Bartender Kris Nixon Alleged that Spacey “grabbed My Penis.”

Kris Nixon, who met Spacey while working at a pub close to the Old Vic Theater, claimed in a video interview with the BBC that Spacey molested him at an after-party at his apartment in 2007. Nixon remembered, “I was sitting on a sofa with my then-sort-of girlfriend.” “Kevin Spacey sat down on the sofa next to me as she stood up to get a drink. Two weeks later, Spacey allegedly approached Nixon again at a bar, clutching his belt and promising to “make it up to him” after asking if that was my girlfriend and reaching over to grab my penis.

During an After-Party for The Nobel Peace Prize Concert, Norwegian Author Ari Behn Said that Spacey Grabbed Him “by the Balls.”

Writer Ari Behn said that Spacey touched him inappropriately at an after-party for the 14th Annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert, which Spacey and Uma Thurman presented in 2007, in an interview with Norwegian radio network P4. Behn, who was then married to Princess Martha Louise, claimed Spacey, who was seated next to him, asked him to get a cigarette before grabbing him “by the testicles” underneath the table when he declined, saying, “Eh, maybe later.


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