Kendall Jenner Takes a Tropical Vacation While Wearing a Variety of Bikinis!

Kendall Jenner Relaxes in Floral Bikinis During Tropical Getaway

Kendall Jenner, a 26-year-old model, surprised her followers on Thursday (July 14) by posting a number of images and videos from a recent vacation.

The Instagram gallery began with a shot of her posing in front of a tropical sunset and also featured images of her Jeep Rubicon with lush mountains in the background, a cooler filled with Modelo and her 818 Tequila, a stunning waterfall, and – most significantly – her costumes for this getaway.

In a series of slides, Kendall showed off her toned body in a pair of barely-there bikinis. First, Kendall was seen relaxing on a yacht with a pregnant Lauren Perez while donning a colorful two-piece. The Kardashians star appeared in a second slide while sporting a white hat and a red and white floral bikini.

According to the bounce in her hips, she appeared to be enjoying how adorable she was. In a subsequent video, Kendall emerges from the waves after swimming in the warm water. She is wearing another bikini.


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Her fans praised her highly for her holiday images. Malika Haqq called it “Bawdy.” Jesse Jo Stark added, “cute pie lovers.” Another admirer chimed in, “This is quite probably the most beautiful post I have ever seen.” Similar remarks were made in the remaining comments, with some people using heart emojis and others using phrases like “The most beautiful ever.”

About a month has passed since Kendall and Devin Booker called it quits. According to early reports, Kendall believed the Phoenix Suns star and she was “on different paths,” and a source exclusively revealed to HollywoodLife that she believed the player “was taking the relationship as seriously as she was.

Kendall Jenner Relaxes in Floral Bikinis During Tropical Getaway

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” To Kendall, inviting him to Kourtney’s wedding was a very significant deal, and she also thought it would be very romantic. However, things didn’t work out that way at all, and he couldn’t have seemed more disengaged from the romantic and loving parts of it.

But soon after their separation, the two got back together at SoHo House in Malibu. Then, it was said that they were spotted together in the Hamptons. A few days later, Kendall encouraged the speculations of reconciliation by strolling the streets of Los Angeles while donning an old Suns shirt. Will Devin be granted access to Kendall’s next tropical getaway given his attempts to “woo” her back?


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