After Almost 5 Years, Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini Decide to Get a Divorce, Why?

American country singer and songwriter Kelsea Ballerini is now under contract with “Black River Entertainment.” She was the only kid in her family and was born and reared in Knoxville, Tennessee. She enrolled in dance lessons when she was three years old and continued for the following ten years.

She began to gravitate toward music when she entered her teenage years and began singing in church and school choirs. When she signed a contract with the record label “Black River Entertainment” in 2014, she made a significant career breakthrough. She was 19 years old at the time.

Late in 2014, she released her debut song, “Love Me As You Mean It.” This track, which combined elements of country music and pop, served as the album’s lead single as well. She released a self-titled EP in November 2014. In 2014, she was selected as one of “CMT’s Next Women of Country.”

In May 2015, she released her debut album, titled “The First Time.” The album’s highest position on the “US Country” chart was #4. The album’s lead hit, “Peter Pan,” peaked at the top of the Billboard Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts. Unapologetically, her second album was released in November 2017 and reached its highest point on the “US Country” list at number three.

kelsea ballerini divorce

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A Startling Discovery.

Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini have divorced after over five years of marriage. The 28-year-old “Hole in the Bottle” singer said, “Friends, I’ve always tried my best to share my life with you in a real and vulnerable way, while keeping preserving layers of my personal life as they unfold,” in a video posted to her Instagram Story on Monday, August 29.

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“Since this is now a public record, I wanted you to hear from me directly that I am going through a divorce.” Ballerini continued, “This tremendously difficult decision is the result of a journey of love, growth, and effort that has unavoidably come to an end.

It’s difficult to express this in words. I am, nevertheless, immensely grateful for our years of marriage to Morgan and am looking forward to the forthcoming seasons. Please remember that we are both fragile, healing, and working as hard as we can be given our future busy schedules.

When Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini First Met:

The two country musicians first got to know one another in March 2016 while collaborating to co-host the CMC Awards in Evans’ native Australia. While co-hosting the Australian Country Music Channel Awards in 2016, Kelsea, 28, and Morgan, 37, got to know one another. On Christmas Day of the following year, Morgan proposed to Kelsea.

They got married in a tiny ceremony on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, after becoming engaged in December. Ballerini told PEOPLE in November that she and Evans routinely went to couples therapy. She stated, “We travel with some really wonderful couples friends, but we can also sit down and have challenging conversations with them.

In her poetry collection Feel Your Way Through, which was released in November of last year, Ballerini also discussed how her parents’ divorce when she was a young girl affected her beliefs on marriage and the relationships she would have in the future.

She stated to PEOPLE at the time that her parent’s divorce was “super-messy and terribly drawn-out” and that she had “sworn I was never going to get married.” “I’d known for a while that their marriage had broken up in divorce.

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What Led Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans to Break Up?

“This incredibly difficult decision is the result of a journey of love, progress, and effort that eventually has come to an end,” Kelsea continued. The couple married in December 2017. It’s challenging to convey my thanks in these words, but I am optimistic about the future and feel fortunate for the years I have shared with Morgan.

Kelsea concluded her message with a request. Please keep in mind that we are both weak, actively mend, and showing up as best we can, she said. Coming ahead, we have pretty full schedules.

According to court documents Kelsea filed on August 26 and obtained by E! News, the “irreconcilable difficulties” are what caused the Australian singer and the “Peter Pan” singer to separate up. The Australian singer has not commented on the breakup.

kelsea ballerini divorce

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Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini’s Relationship History:

Morgan and Kelsea Begin Dating in March 2016.

In the spring of 2016, Tennessee-born Kelsea and Australia-born Morgan began dating after initially meeting when collaborating to co-host Australia’s Nation Music Channel Awards in the latter’s native nation. Kelsea and Morgan decided to party hard after the wedding, which is when they realized how much they adored one another.

Morgan and Kelsea Get Engaged in December 2016.

The romance immediately engulfed Morgan and Kelsea. On December 25, 2016, after nearly nine months of dating, they announced their engagement on Instagram. The news filled the hearts of the fans. As they sought a perfect and extremely inspiring romantic partnership, the undisputed king and queen of country music seemed to have found the secret to success.

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Kelsea and Morgan Evans Wed in December 2017.

On December 2, 2017, Kelsea and Morgan exchanged vows in a charming beachside ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Kelsea changed clothes no less than three times as she made her way down the aisle in a stunning Berta gown. Joseph Abboud, a master of tailoring, created clothes for Morgan and the groomsmen.

Kelsea filed for divorce from Morgan in August 2022.

On Friday, August 26, 2022, Kelsea filed for divorce. Three days later, she shared the news via an Instagram Story. In her letter, Kelsea said, “Friends, I’ve always done my best to share my life in a true and sensitive way while still shielding layers of my personal life as they evolve. I wanted you to know that I am going through a divorce because it is now a public record.

“This incredibly tough choice is the end result of love, development, and an effort-filled journey that has now come to an end. It’s challenging to put this into words. but I’m really appreciative of the years I’ve been married to Morgan, and I’m hopeful for the future,” Kelsea said. “Please be aware that we are both frail, actively recuperating, and doing the best we can to show up,” the statement reads. “We have very busy schedules coming up.”

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