Kathy Ambush: Meet The First Wife of Clarence Thomas

Kathy Ambush is a well-known American volunteer who was once married to attorney, jurist, and US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. With over 30 years of service on the US Supreme Court, her ex-husband is the associate justice with the most senior standing.

Kathy and Clarence Thomas divorced before Thomas’ appointment to the Supreme Court. Due to her affiliation with a prominent individual in the United States, however, her narrative is still significant in the contemporary context.

Early Life

Kathy Ambush was born on 7 June 1950 in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States (age 72 as of 2022). She is the daughter of Shigalo Gladys Sato (mother) and Nelson William Ambush (father) (mother). Her father was a Massachusetts-based dental technician who worked in Worchester.

Kathy and her four siblings, Stephen Ambush, Benjamin Ambush, Karen Thande, and June Ambush, grew raised in Massachusetts. Worcester’s Marian Central Catholic High School was her alma mater.

After graduating from high school, she attended Lincoln University to pursue a degree in business administration.

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Sadly, Kathy’s mother passed away in 1984. In 1986, her father married Mary Estelle. The children of Kathy’s father’s second marriage were Valerie Wilson and Sydney Schuyler. Therefore, Kathy has four biological and two step-siblings.

Kathy Ambush Professional Career

Kathy Ambush’s occupation has been unknown for a long time. She was a multinational internet entrepreneur who also undertook volunteer work.

She has led the Massachusetts Advanced Studies Program at Milton Academy and the Immigration Learning Centre, Inc.

Ambush was once in charge of community relations at BankBoston.

She has held positions with numerous organizations.

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In 1969, Kathy and her ex-husband Clarence Thomas Ambush met through mutual friends.

Thomas attended Holy Cross Institution, while she attended a local women’s college.

The couple began dating one week after their initial meeting. College students at the time, dated for two years.

After Thomas’s graduation on June 5, 1971, the pair married on June 5, 1971.

All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester, Massachusetts was the location of their wedding.

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Later, she and her husband moved to New Haven, Connecticut, to establish a family.

However, he moved to New Haven to attend Yale Law School.

Unfortunately, after more than ten years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1981, and it was formalized in 1984.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Thomas faced financial and emotional difficulties.

Worse, as his alcoholism developed, he increasingly drank alone at home.


Kathy was from an educated household. Her father was always devoted to his children’s education and was always supportive of them. He consistently urged them to study. Consequently, all of his children, including Kathy, hold college degrees.

Kathy completed her secondary studies at Worcester’s Marian Central Catholic High School. Later, she enrolled at Lincoln University and earned a degree in Business Administration.

Kathy Ambush is Clarence Thomas First Wife

Kathy Ambush is generally renowned as Clarence Thomas’s ex-wife. In 1969, the couple met for the first time through a common friend.

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Clarence fell in love with Kathy after multiple encounters and proposed to her. Both were attending their colleges at the time. They met in college and fell in love.

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The couple dated for two years before exchanging vows the day following the groom’s graduation in 1971.

Worcester’s All Saints Episcopal Church was the site of the wedding ceremony. In 1973, the couple had their gorgeous son Jamal Adeeen Thomas two years later.

Unfortunately, after more than a decade of marriage, they decided to end their relationship. At the time, Clarence had a drinking problem as well as financial difficulties.

In addition, allegations circulated that he had an adulterous relationship with Lillian McEwen. There are stated as the reason for their split. They separated in 1981 and were divorced in 1984.

Kathy Ambush Net Worth

The individual has worked for multiple organizations. As of 2022, her alleged net worth is $100,000. Following her divorce from Clarence Thomas, she received a monetary payment and other property from her ex-husband. Clarence, on the other hand, has a net worth of $1 million.

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